Caring For Elderly Parents And Young Children At The Same Time: How To Juggle It All


Posted on: 22 November 2018 by Dawn Richard

Oh no! You are late for work. Still you have to give the tablets to your old parents, and then drop your kid to school and only then can you reach your office.

Oh no! You are late for work. Still you have to give the tablets to your old parents, and then drop your kid to school and only then can you reach your office. May be boss will fire you today! Do you face this kind of situation almost every day? If so, then you are a part of the sandwiched generation. 
There is nothing more stressful, draining and guilt-stricken than belonging to the sandwich generation. You get sandwiched between your kids and old parents. You don’t know whom to leave and whom to care for. In fact, you cannot leave any of them. One is an extension of your umbilical cord and you are the extension of the umbilical cord of your parents. So, you are all puzzled. 
Ways to cope up parents and children together 
  • Stop whining 
When there is a dire need of some crises at home, you tend to become irritated automatically. Your focus from work shifts. Anything and everything seems to you annoying. Before you shout at your old parents or kids, take a deep breath and think twice. Instead of yelling at them, if any problem occurs in the house front, go back home and talk to them. 
  • Stop saying those should, could and would
Although guilt is the most useless emotion in the world, yet it is the one that most people like to embrace. Letting go of the guilt at this sandwiched generation is highly important. Otherwise, whenever you put yourself forward for helping your kids or ageing parents, the guilt stands tall n between you both. Do not allow guilt take the front seat and affect your care of elderly parents.
  • Ask for help 
When your old parents or kids offers you help, never say no. when you say them no on their face, they not only feel bad but also feel separated from the family. So, instead of doing everything yourself and making a mess, when your kid or parents willingly want to help you, accept and involve them. This makes them feel special. This way, you strength your bond both with your elderly parents as well as your children. Also, this is a very good method of spending quality time with them. In addition, consulting with Avacare Medical for supplies and assistance would be a smart move that helps you in the future as well.
  • Involve your child in the family plan 
Make your children feel important. If you tell a big NO every time to your kids, they feel disintegrated from the family. Also, it is essential that you share all familial aspect with your kids. Of course, this should be done when their age is appropriate. Besides, you can also include your kids along with your elderly parents. They’ll have a good time together. Check this resource for more information on how to not blame yourself.
  • Keep in touch 
The toughest thing faced mostly by the sandwiched generation is caring for your children, looking after your parents and at the same time taking care of your job. Managing all the three is a quite a hurdle! All you need to do is to keep faith upon you family members and bring them close to you. The rest will happen on its own course. 

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