Car Fan? Where Is Good To Get Car News?


Posted on: 25 April 2015 by William Freddy Hope

I had a dig around and found a fair few websites which actually are great at showing you the latest car news in a more interesting way than the traditional magazines.

Car news nowadays can be very dull. New that. 

If you are, like me, looking for the more light hearted entertainment aspect of the news then you might be stuck. I have a quick list of some great sites to look out for when you have a spare few minutes on the internet. 

The vary in what they specialise in but at the end of the day they all display car content (very well might I add). 

Enough chattering, heres my little collation of 5 or so of the best. 


The best way i have found to find them is to use other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter (although not so good) and instagram. Once you are on these networks search using 'keywords' such as "supercar spotting" or a specific famous car and see what the results turn up with. 

Hope you enjoy the sites. 



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William Freddy Hope

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