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Posted on: 02 September 2019 by Emma Smith

I was in Morocco some months ago and being a student it was so hard for me to think of holiday destinations. But I thought of it, went down with the details, I found many things to convince me to travel.

So do you think that you can’t afford to travel in the world because you are a student? You are thinking wrong, it is not that much expensive as you have considered it. I was in Morocco some months ago and being a student it was so hard for me to think of holiday destinations. But I thought of it, went down with the details, I found many things to convince me to travel. It was really fun spending my Winter Holidays in Morocco. That very trip taught me a lot with the lessons traveling alone in a Budget.

Tips for the Budget Traveling

With little sense of traveling solo in a budget, you can have a great experience of traveling. Here are the top tips for the students to roam around in the world.

Build Self-Confidence and Independence:

The thing I have gone through when I was not so used to of traveling was the confidence deficit. If you are an introvert person, you might have many issues to tackle if you continued to be introvert. You have to come out of your comfort zones and think to have the confidence to be independent. That way you can go to the next step. The thing you have to learn in all that time is to make yourself comfortable with the world, remove all the stereotypes and prejudices about the world.

World is a beautiful place to roam around. People mostly welcomes you to their regions as their kind guests. So be condident on everything you think will create hurdle in traveling and will keep your self-confidence, esteem up. Knowing the place you are going is the next thing you have to learn, know about that place as much as possible. You will have to be sound with the language they people speak, do they understand English or not, how to communicate with them, what they eat, what traditions they own, how they celebrate. These are the things can help you to be confident for traveling independently. But where the funds will come from?

Source of Fund for Traveling:

You will be saving your money from your pocket money or if you have any source of income. That will give you confidence and reason to move of course. When I was about to complete my graduation, I was doing a part-time job and that made m save money to travel. Traveling was my ultimate dream, I had to move.

Have you decided on the place to destine?

This is important. If you are planning to travel, you need to know the place you are going to explore. For example, I visited Morocco so I first have gone through all the details, famous places, budget, fares, norms, traditions of the place before leaving for Marrakech. Although it was not only Marrakech I traveled to the seven glamorous cities of Morocco with all the limited budget I had. And believe me, it was the very learning and entertaining journey of my life.

Know your place, where you want to spend your holidays. You can take the guess from the google that where on earth you can spend the best holidays on the budget. You will be having a lot of options and you have to pick out with the destinations suits you. Location is everything, so be realistic, come out of daydreaming, budget the place and set out of the real experiences in the world. For me in Morocco, because I had enough budget, $500 were enough to be in every luxury the destination offered me. All were so amazingly set.

Check the Flight Details, and of course, your Living

To be in Morocco in the on-season was not possible for me only because of the high fares of the flights. Mostly the seats were not available because, in June, Morocco gets jammed pack because of its festival season. If you want to travel in June, keep in mind that this is a gay pride month full of celebrations in the world. Every second country has celebrations regarding the subject. So show concern and find the relevant time to move.

What time suits you is the right time to travel. I booked my trip in October from Virikson Morocco Holidays that is provide the best packages for my tourism and that didn’t mean that I enjoyed there less than those who come there in festival season. Check the details of your flight, fares, timing, if It is connected or the direct flight is available. You can compare the fares and then opt for the one that suits you. Find student discounts or packages if possible. The next important thing is to confirm your way of living in the place. There would be many options, either afford to live in the luxury hotels or to the hostels or on the living with the family through couchsurf. I’m sure you better know what to do. Being in a strange destination, eat smart and use public transport because it costs you normal.

My suggestions are based on my travel experience, want you to experience the things your own and write to me about those experiences. I’ll be interested to listen from your side. Have a good time!


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These budget travel tips are excellent, and they'll help me when I am going on my Voyagers Travel Ecuador. This is the best thing that you've shared here, and I hope that you'll continue to share more content like this.

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