BOC Sciences Launches A New Liposome Technology Platform


Posted on: 30 November 2020 by chen shanshan

BOC Sciences Launches A New Liposome Technology Platform

Recently, as one of the world’s leading chemical and pharmaceutical suppliers, BOC Sciences announced the launch of a new liposome technology platform for the scientific community, aiming to provide high-quality liposome products and services for the life sciences, medicine, pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries.

Liposomes are artificial vesicles composed of phospholipids, which have been developed as specialized delivery vehicles and play multiple roles in enhancing the function of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). First of all, liposomes can shield drugs from being detected by the body's immune system, thereby mimicking biofilms and giving drugs more time to reach their intended destinations. Second, they help to dissolve highly lipophilic drug molecules or modulate the pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of APIs, thereby helping to minimize the side effects of drugs and improve safety. Since its discovery in 1964, the application of liposomes as drug delivery vehicles in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries has been expanding.

Characterization of liposome products can enhance quality control. The evaluation of the key quality attributes of liposomes, including physical and chemical properties, composition, and encapsulation efficiency, is essential for drug development. Based on a comprehensive liposome platform, BOC Sciences can provide the following liposome analysis services to support drug development:

Physicochemical Properties Testing

Encapsulation Efficiency Testing

In Vitro Drug Release Testing

Stability Testing

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) Analysis

More comprehensive products and services related to liposomes can be viewed on the website:

About BOC Sciences

By providing researchers with a wide range of biochemical products and technical services, including liposome formulation development, encapsulation, characterization, and liposome customization services, as well as various liposome products (including cationic liposomes, anionic liposomes, fluorescent labeling liposomes, etc.), BOC Sciences is closely related to drug development, chemistry, and life sciences.

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