Best Travel Destinations You Must Visit If Single & Over 50


Posted on: 08 July 2016 by Mary Lewis

Who said that you cannot travel if you are over 50? If you have ever heard somebody say this, go ahead and prove them wrong with our great destination for adventure-hungry travellers.

The idea of travelling alone can sometimes be daunting, especially if you are accustomed to travelling with a partner. But just because you are faced with going alone does not mean that it can’t be an incredible experience. What’s more, you may just find that with some careful planning, once you land at your destination you’re not alone at all! You might find that you meet some like-minded singles of your own age who were equally as daunted about the experience as you were.

If you’re eager to explore but not sure where to start why not check out some of the options in these 5 must-see places which are very popular with over 50’s singles.

1. Hawaii

Aloha! Sea, sand, scenery – what’s not to love about beautiful Hawaii?! You can visit this tropical island destination either solo or with a group. Going with a group means that you will be with the same people for your full stay, while going solo gives you the opportunity to engage in group activities booked on location, or strike out on your own at times. The hospitality in Hawaii is second to none and you can enjoy an endless variety of activities. Whether you want a relaxing holiday by the beach or one where you trek through the luscious countryside, there is something to cater to all tastes. Water sports are another attraction, as is the traditional Hawaiian culture. Honolulu has some great holiday accommodation which can act as a base to explore sites such as the Iolani Palace or Lyon Arboretum.

2. Caribbean Cruise

Cruises are a mainstay of single travellers in this age bracket, and understandably so! Once you board the ship everything is taken care of for you. So all you need to do is relax and enjoy yourself. You will be sure to meet other guests who share similar interests to chat with over dinner and explore the shore side destinations with. While on board there is plenty to keep you entertained from art classes to keep fit and dancing to nightly shows. Accommodations are comfortable and many of the locations visited, such as Nassau and Philipsburg are easily explored individually or by joining a group departing from your ship.

3. Scandinavia

If you have not yet visited Scandinavia now is the time! This group of countries in the far north of Europe provide some of the most picturesque cities and towns in Europe. The climate is very mild during the summer months and due to the extremes they face in winter, travel during summer is advised. Bergen in Norway, Sweden’s capital Stockholm and Helsinki, the capital of Finland have all been listed as some of the happiest cities in the world. On the downside, these northern gems are pricey, so ensure that you have plenty of spending money to see you through your stay. In return, you can expect breath-taking scenery, boat trips of the fjords, wonderful architecture, quaint towns, and pleasant locals.

4. Japan

Japan boasts a culture which really takes care of its older people. If you’re fed up of feeling as though you get ignored much of the time due to your age, perhaps a trip to Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, is just what you need. There is plenty to see and do here, spend some time in Tokyo to experience the hyper-busy, metropolitan vibe and then journey outside the city by train into the stunning countryside. Kyoto boasts many temples for those who enjoy cultural sites and those with musical tastes won’t want to miss Sado Island for its taiko drumming.

 5. Australia

Australia is a once in a lifetime destination for many. The Gold Coast is ideal for those of us who are travelling on our own a little later in life. Here, in north-eastern Australia in the state of Queensland, you can enjoy an active holiday which combines beach life with walks in the world heritage rainforests. Animal lovers can visit a wildlife sanctuary and see how the koalas are cared for and even feed a kangaroo! There is golfing, water sports and shopping destinations, so something for all tastes. Again, you can choose to travel here with an established group or go solo and book your group excursions when you get there.

These are just some of the great locations which are ready and waiting to be explored by you. Don’t let your golden years pass you by as you sit at home and wonder what if. Who knows what great friends you will make on your travels. Carpe Diem!

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Kuldeep Sharma posted 17 February 2020

Your collection is beautiful. As a Indian and adventure lover I can say India is a so many beautiful destinations for singles, family etc. It is my humble request please add some Indian destinations in your blog.


Kuldeep Sharma posted 27 March 2020

thankyou for providing this best information on travel


siddharth khan posted 06 August 2020

wow that's great place you can also check iceland tour 

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