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Before cooking meat is braised in fine Burgundy red wine, flavored with garlic and bouquet garni (a bundle of herbs used vastly in French cuisine.

Obviously, this iconic dish goes first on the list. Burgundy produces one of the finest beef types in France. The meat is tender, bright red colored and extremely delicious.

Before cooking meat is braised in fine Burgundy red wine, flavored with garlic  and bouquet garni (a bundle of herbs used vastly in French cuisine ). Small pearl onions and mushrooms added towards the end of cooking to enhance the taste even more!, Here’s a great recipe to give it a try.

Coq au vin

Chicken’s marinated overnight in red wine, afterwards braised with lardons (salt pork or bacon), mushrooms, onions and sometimes brandy. Some garlic’s optionally added.

Also, try coq au vin jaune –  dish variation from Franche-Comte!

Oeufs en meurette

Traditional Burgundy appetizer of poached eggs under a generous coat of meurette sauce, served with garlic bread. The sauce is made of Burgundy red (how surprising!), bacon, shallots and onions browned in butter .

The dish may be a bit tricky to cook, yet definitely worth the efforts. Here’s a recipe.

Escargots à la Bourgogne

Of course, you can try escargots at nearly every restaurant all around France, yet in Burgundy they cook them particularly great with magnificent garlic butter filling.

Feeling adventurous today? Try cooking escargot at home according to this traditional recipe.


Another amazing local appetizer to be served with Kir – my favorite digestive of white wine, mixed with Creme de Cassis (blackcurrant liquor). Puff cheese balls made of savory choux pastry, that melts in your mouth. Occasionally, made with extra filling of ham or mushrooms.


Traditionally the dish is made with a mixture of four fish: pike and perch  and two fatty fish: the eel and tench. Fish is finally chopped, stewed and served with a sauce in white wine – the Bourgogne Aligoté . Garnished with potatoes and crunchy croutons .

 Jambon Persillé

The dish used to be specially made for Easter, yet it is so tasty that it is now cooked and served almost everywhere! Ham is sliced into cubic and coated with jelly parsley. Onion, shallots, thyme and bay leaves are added for extra flavor.

Poulet Gaston Gérard

This recipe was invented in 1930 by Dijon Mayor’s wife to impress a very important gastronomy critique coming to visit. As the legend says, while cooking the chicken in the usual way, she dropped a jar of mustard right into the casserole. To save the day and her reputation, she also added a glass of Burgundy white , crème fraîche and grated comté cheese. The dish turned out to be fabulous!

The dish is very easy to cook at home. Here’s an excellent recipe if you need to impress someone special ;)

Cuisses de grenouille

Or simply – frog legs. Don’t expect that you can order frogs at every bistro in France. The dish has lost it’s popularity during the last hundred years and served seasonally. In Burgundy, frog legs are cooked in garlic butter and parsley.

Fondue Bourguignonne

Nope, no cheese in this fondue. Instead, in Burgundy, they heat a fondue pot with oil where they dip chopped beef to cook. A variety of delicious sauces goes along.

Poires au Vin et Cassis

Pears generously soaked in local red wine and creme de cassis. You have to try it to understand how incredible the taste is!

Tarte de Semoule au Cassis

Crunchy tart filled with jelly-like black currents plus a light semolina topping!

Nonnettes de Dijon

Smalls cakes made of gingerbread with orange marmalade and honey filling.

 Cheese to try in Burgundy

 Chaource: soft cheese of cow’s milk with incredibly light creamy texture inside and firm white rind similar to brie.

Délice de Bourgogne: a very creamy cheese with a double portion of cow’s milk and crème fraîche. It’s delicious, however has a specific odor.

Brillat-savarin: soft and tender cheese with a faintly sour aftertaste to spread over a fine piece of pain de campagne.

Époisses: the most well-known cheese from Burgundy. It’s really delicious, however being washed in the local brandy it has a very strong odor you’ll need to tolerate.

Soumaintrain: an extremely delicious cheese made of raw cow milk with a peculiar bright yellow or orange rinse.


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