Best Exercises for Epilepsy Patients


Posted on: 05 June 2020 by Thomas Cook

Exercise is important for everyone but especially for those with epilepsy. It can help epilepsy patients by reducing the frequency and severity of their seizures as well as overall health.

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Exercise is important for everyone but especially for those with epilepsy. It can help epilepsy patients by reducing the frequency and severity of their seizures as well as overall health.

It is easier to manage the effects of a disease like epilepsy when you engage in regular exercise. Some of the best exercise activities for epilepsy patients include:


It does not get much simpler and easier than walking. Everyone can put on some shoes and start walking.

If you have not regularly been participating in physical activity, then walking is the best activity to start you off. It is also hard for you to have a seizure because of walking so your body can slowly and safely adapt to physical exercise.

You can choose a fun location to walk to and include as much variety as you like. With time you can start increasing the difficulty and hike up some hills.


Riding a bike cannot only get you to where you want to go, but it can also be a lot of fun. Many people including epilepsy patients have also ridden bikes before, which makes it easier to adopt it as an exercise activity.

There are plenty of biking trails all over the country and you can keep exploring them until you are ready to try something else. You should consult your doctor because if you get a seizure while riding it can be dangerous. Safety should always be first when you are riding.

Biking is great cardio and will work your heart rate depending on your speed. It will also help you build your legs.


Swimming is a low impact exercise that is perfect for epilepsy patients. On the other hand, seizures in the water can be fatal so you should always ensure someone is there with you if you have epilepsy.

Swimming is one of those activities that you can do leisurely without competing as opposed to ball games like basketball. You can do some laps around the pool at your own leisure and continue until you feel comfortable in the pool.

Swimming works all your muscles and you will certainly feel it after every pool session. You will also work your lungs and aerobic capacity as you have to hold your breath underwater.


If there is one exercise I would recommend to an epileptic, it is doing yoga. Though unconventional, it is a great workout and has great side effects.

Yoga involves holding a series of poses which means you will be doing isometric exercises. They will not only increase the strength of your muscles but they will also increase your flexibility.

Yoga is an exercise that will help de-stress your body and mind. Stress is often a trigger of epileptic seizures.

 The bodily control achieved by doing yoga may also help you control your seizures but that is yet to be proven.

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Bernita Schultz posted 01 February 2021

These are the amazing steps to do at the morning if the Epilepsy patients are getting worse day by day, they could try this exercise. One needs to do exercise if the pain of Epilepsy is unbearable. I am a doctor and I got my clinic's logo designed after reading article because in this article there is a detailed information about why it helps you to grab more costumers.


Muhammad Rafay khan posted 25 February 2021

Awesome article, it was exceptionally helpful! I simply began in this and I'm becoming more acquainted with it better! Cheers, keep doing awesome! exercise bike


Isla jack posted 20 March 2021

That's a really great and informative topic, Actually I am Epilepsy patient to, and diagnosed almost 5 years ago, doctor suggested me that I have to do exercise daily, so I started exercise and join gym also, and recently bought Treadmill through Bluefin Fitness coupons because I didn't have to go for a gym while COVID-19 lockdown, and Now I feel much better than before, exercise really works. 

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