Best book to find your purpose in 2022


Posted on: 28 December 2021 by Jimmie Chavez

The Proposition: Purpose takes one on a spiritual journey that reveals the hidden nuggets of life.

TEDx Speaker and author RaminHoodeh launches a one-of-a-kind modern, interactive spiritual fiction book, The Proposition: Purpose. It follows the story of Ali, a renowned poet and political prisoner of war, and his experiences over the course of three days as he contemplates the meaning of life and the mysteries of the universe. The book satiates the thirst of truth-seekers and inspires readers to start their spiritual journey to self-discovery.

The Proposition: Purpose blends beautiful narratives with carefully curated guides and insightful ideas that help readers find their purpose through personal introspection. Using Ali’s experiences as a looking glass, readers find themselves shifting their perspectives into something more meaningful. It provokes them to evaluate their current life and the meaning of their existences.

There’s a silent decay of one’s hope for the future during these difficult times. One’s life’s roadmap feels unclear. However, The Proposition: Purpose provides a guide that inspires readers to write their own roadmap, keep track of it, and move through adversities with grace.

Ramin’s masterful writing encourages readers to take that first step towards finding their path and taking control of their lives.

“The book guarantees that one will find their purpose in 3 days, or their money back.”

The Proposition: Purpose includes a one-on-one session with a mentor personally selected by Ramin to provide readers advice and therapeutic guidance. It also has a Question and Answer guide and a purpose-finding meditation that clears one of the clouded thoughts blocking them from realizing their life’s true meaning.

The author, RaminHoodeh, is best known for his TEDx talk on mindfulness and space travel. He is a Product Manager by day and spiritual fiction author by night. He is also a personal trainer dedicated to helping his clients create a roadmap for their life.

Filled with the passion for writing spiritual fiction and creating products that the world needs, Ramin combined his expertise in several niches to bring a unique book that dives into spirituality and consciousness.

Find more details about RaminHoodeh’s book, The Proposition: Purpose, here:

About RaminHoodeh

RaminHoodeh is a TEDx speaker and an author with an entrepreneurial background. He worked as a specialist in Tesla and as a Product Manager for the British geospatial agency. He is the Co-founder of a metaverse-ready identity service called CARTEL™. He recently published his book, The Proposition: Purpose, to inspire others to find their purpose and live their truths. For more details explore website.



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