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Posted on: 27 March 2019 by Cannan Owen

If you want to start your own business, make sure you are aware of the following principles.

Starting a business online is not a get rich quick scheme so don't fall for any of those fast money ads you see. I can tell you that starting an online business from home is rewarding but it does require hard work and effort. Some people who start an online business have a fulltime job and start developing their online business as a part-time venture. Literally everything can be your business-project. For instance, you know how to create mobile applications. If you have proper promotional strategy and know where to buy app store reviews, you'll get your extra income really fast. Others due to circumstance such as lay off or hard economical challenges decide that this is the perfect time to look at starting an online business.

Advantages of Being an Online Business Owner:

  • Work at home and schedule your own hours
  • Low start up costs to start a business online
  • Changing environment keeps it exciting and fresh
  • Save gas by not having to drive to work
  • Online Business's operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week worldwide
  • Spend more time with your loved ones

Responsibilities of an Online Business Owner:

  • Hard work and long hours - yes it requires effort, commitment and dedication
  • Thriving in a changing environment - The internet is constantly changing so you'll need to keep up with what's going on
  • Research and learning - You'll need to develop the ability to see through the smoke. You'll find plenty of wrong information on the internet so being able to sort through the information to determine the good information from the trash is an acquired skill
  • Marketing required - The internet is a busy place if you start your business there you'll need to market to get people to come to your business
  • Measuring and adjusting - be persistent measure your results, change what is not working and increase what is working

Steps in starting an online business:

  • Need some help finding some ideas for an online business? You'll need to think about the things you like to do, what kind of skills and interests you have. It's easiest to start with something you are passionate about.
  • Research your idea -find out what your market wants and create a product or service for that market. Reduce your risk by making an educated decision based on facts and statistics.
  • Research the competition - you can learn from your competitors from what appears to be working or not working for them.
  • Planning - consider a business plan even if it's a short one.

Let's explore whether your idea can make a viable online business. Let's look at your idea from an objective point of view and answer these questions honestly:

  • Is there a market for my service or product? Does anyone really need or want what I'm selling?
  • How much real demand is there? Be honest. How much competition is there?
  • How much will people pay for it? Is the market place too competitive on price for you to compete?
  • Do you have a niche ? or is your idea unique?

You should have complete answers to those questions before starting your online business. If you do not know the answers to the questions you'll need to do some research. Call your local library and find out if there is a business library nearby. Business librarians are very helpful at finding and gathering information. In fact, libraries are a great resource for researching online business knowledge. Some business libraries allow you to use their databases from the comfort of your own computer as long as you have a library card.

The current economic downturn has fostered a lot of changes and those changes make new opportunities for online business owners. In 2018 online business reported 32.4 million in sales and the growth in the last quarter was up 13.4 percent. Former retail customers are relying on their computers instead of driving to the store and hoping they will find what they are looking for. Online they know they will find everything that they need in less time, no standing in lines, no gas required, and no waiting for a good parking spot. Online sales are growing at triple the rate of retail stores even in a tough economy.

Types of online business opportunities:

  • Creating and selling e-books
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online storefront
  • Selling on auction sites like ebay
  • Third party stores like CafePress and Amazon
  • Blogging
  • Freelancing

Choosing an online business can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. You'll want to match your passion and skills with an idea that will work, so choose something that you like to do and start your online business with a plan that will work. 

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