Bedroom Decorating Ideas for a Good Night’s Sleep


Posted on: 26 February 2017 by Tracey Clayton

In a world where we’re constantly in a hurry to do as much as we can, a trivial thing as a good night’s sleep seems to have become exactly that—trivial. We use our bedrooms as places where we try to grab several hours of sleep of not great quality. What we also usually do is overlook the design and the overall space where we spend our nights, thinking it’s probably not important (we only sleep there, after all).

However, most of us usually wake up in the morning even more tired than we were before we got to bed. Back and neck pain, as well as headaches, are the most common results, and they make our days hard and unproductive, ultimately trapping us in a circle of tiredness.

But, the good news is that there are ways in which we can improve the quality of our sleep. This can be done through following some of our advice on bedroom decoration:

Pay attention to the light

Since human beings are, let’s say, genetically programmed to respond to natural light, our organism feels that it should go to sleep as it darkens outside. Therefore, if the bedroom is full of bright light bulbs, or even worse, neon lights, it creates a confusion in the nerves and we have trouble falling asleep. To avoid this, try installing gentle lamps, and only where you really need them, like on the night stand, and in the corners. It’s okay to want some lighting in the bedroom, just bear in mind it shouldn’t be too bright.

Color your mood

It’s a scientifically proven fact that colors affect our mood a great deal. When it comes to our bedroom, it’s natural that what we want to do there is relax, unwind, and have a well-rested night. Imagine trying to do this in a bright red or orange room - it’s not working, is it? Now try the same with more neutral colors, those on the cool side of the palette. See?

Colors such as beige, gray, light blue, green, and yellow are known to be able to reduce blood pressure and heart rate, in addition to making us breathe more slowly. So, these colors are close to perfect for the place where you rest. Try making a stylish combination of the walls, bedding, and (minimalist) decorations in these colors, and you’re in for a great sleep.

Less furniture

Think of your bedroom as your mind before sleeping. You try to empty it, to clear your thoughts and fall asleep without a cluttered mind. The same goes with the room: you don’t want it to be a mess you can break your neck in in the dark. For a spacious, clear room, go only for the essentials of furniture: a bed, night stand, closet, maybe a mirror (but don’t place it directly across from the bed).

Think about changing the bed, or only the mattress if it’s been there for more than seven years, and choose the right material and support for your body carefully. As far as the bedside tables are concerned, choose your favorite designs, or find some fresh inspiration on sites like this.

Lose the gadgets

Finally, the quality of your sleep and much needed rest depends on all the gadgets you surround yourself with at all times. Nights are the time to lose them, turn them off, and leave them outside the bedroom. Try this for one night, and you’ll surely notice the difference.

As you can see, your bedroom isn’t just a place where you drop by for the night. For high-quality sleep, rest, and the energy for the next day, we need to make it a perfect oasis, where the bedbugs don’t bite.

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