Bail bond 101 - Everything you needed to know about bail and bond services


Posted on: 05 February 2019 by Sujain Thomas

If your loved one has landed him/her up in jail, it is imperative to post the bail amount to reduce the jail time and stress associated with it

If your loved one has landed him/her up in jail, it is imperative to post the bail amount to reduce the jail time and stress associated with it. To answer the queries regarding bails and the bonds we have to start with what a bail bond company does. Read on to know more!

A family or defendant needs a bail bond company when they cannot pay the bond amount. For more information regarding bail bonds visit

Bail Bond Company: What do they do?

As stated earlier, when a defendant is unable to pay the entirety of the bail amount, if she/he is unable to raise funds through family or friends, a bail bond company offers the perfect solution for such duress. A bail bondsman is an individual who owns the bail bond company, and he is responsible for selling the accused a surety bond that acts as an insurance for the mandatory court visitation as per the mandate.

The cost of the bail bond is usually a portion of the bail amount, and it's around 10%. Additionally, the bail bond company can levy collateral such as the deed to a house or property and other valuables according to the severity of the penalty.

How does the bail bond business work?

The bail bond services make money from the cost of the bond. The percentage paid by the defendant to the firm is the payment for the services and are not returned to the client. That is the main reason why some lawyers will specifically ask you not to try to reduce the bail amount through court hearings and appealing to the judge.

If the client skips court

In the usual cases, the client complies with the mandated court order. But in some of the extreme and rare cases should a client fail to appear at court the bail bond firm is empowered by law to apprehend the perpetrator forcefully. Firm officials, professional bail enforcement agents known as the bounty hunter do the retrieval for clients. These are experts trained to track down and apprehend a fugitive safely. If they cannot locate the client the bail bond company is forced to pay the entirety of the bail charges and other penalties associated. Therefore the bail bond companies levy the collateral with house deeds and other valuables that clients foreclose in such cases.

Being a bail bondsman

The process of becoming a bail bondsman is subject to the laws of each state in the United States of America. The training is typically the completion of a specific program and a background check to ensure the virtues of the trainee. In many states, the bail bondsman needs to undergo periodic license renewal. Additionally, the firm also needs to apply for a separate corporate license to practice the trade.

Miscellaneous services

In addition to the bail bond posting service some bail bond firms also offer investigative services. Tracking down of clients who have failed to appear in court and a provision for process serving which is the hand delivery of legal documents in civil cases are some of the miscellaneous services provided by a bail bonds service.

We hope this article was able to shed some light on bail and bond payment services. 

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