Ayurvedic Medicines For A Healthy Heart


Posted on: 27 November 2015 by Mina Singh

There are several ayurvedic medicines which can help us in curing many ailments of the heat 7 keeping it fit.

Natural medicine has always surpassed chemical drugs in many respects and in many cases the latter is inspired from the former. These natural cures are sometimes so effective that they totally replace their synthetic rivals and that too without any side effects. However, these have to be researched to a great extent to decipher the perfect combination required for better health.

The ayurveda has laid down the benefits of several drugs with detailed emphasis of the pros & cons of each nut many of them are yet to be proved by scientific research. Today there is no dearth of herbal healthcare products in the market but they vary mostly in quality. However people are still interested to buy ayurvedic products because of their effectiveness in solving many of the health riddles that modern science is yet to solve. The best example of such problems is heart diseases & disorders. There are several ayurvedic medicines today which have been created to combat cardiac disorders which previously required surgeries, but with the help of ayurveda, they can be kept in control fairly easily.

The heart is one of the most crucial organs of our body and works round the clock to pump & oxygenate our blood. Since it never stops working during our lifetime, it is susceptible to wear and tear continuously. As a result there are many heart problems which emerge after a certain age. However, they can nowadays be seen in people of any age as well. Globally, many people die of heart problems which may arise from stressful lifestyles & improper diet. This can result in the arteries being thickened, hardened or getting blocked, making the person fall ill, feel acute pain and lead to a change in the ideal pressure. This can in turn lead to blockage in arteries due to accumulation of cholesterol which can manifest itself in the form of a blockage & cause problems like heart attacks & strokes.

Thankfully there are a number of herbs prescribed in ayurveda which can help in 'hriday rog' (heart diseases). Some of the herbs used in such medicines are Arjuna, Ephedra, Alfalfa & digitalis. Of these the Arjuna plant has the capability to stimulate the heart, Digitalis assists in mending the wear & tear of the cardiac muscles and Alfalfa prevents the congestion of the arteries. 

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