Awesome Open-Source Android Apps to Get You Mastered in Android App Development


Posted on: 15 June 2019 by Marina Thomas

As the trends keep on changing in this particular industry, it is crucial for all to develop the understanding and start off with the change. Hence, to remain in the race, it is necessary to evolve.

Watch and learn. In order to learn and develop a specific skill, it is required for the person to get a thorough idea about what should be done and how to get started. But to become an expert, it is essential to give it a try and start learning from practical experiences. The case remains the same for all niches of this competitive industry, especially software development industry. As the trends keep on changing in this particular industry, it is crucial for all to develop the understanding and start off with the change. Hence, to remain in the race, it is necessary to evolve.


With mobile applications being in recent trends, it has been proved that the future for the mobile app developers is pretty smooth and success is guaranteed if you are ready to learn. Therefore, there has been a rise in the app development services along with mobile app developers. However, as there are many platforms to choose from, Android is becoming a popular choice for many. With acquiring the maximum market share in its sack, the popularity and requirement for Android app development are at its peak. Therefore, many are jumping in to learn and develop skills.


However, not all can be experts. If you are one of them, then in order to beat the fierce competition, it becomes important for you to offer something extra. And which means expertise in the development and years of experience. However, there are no shortcuts for gaining experience, but to develop the skills and sharpen them to the most, there certainly is a way.


By studying the already developed open-source applications, you can surely get an insider look in things that may make you the next most wanted person in the market. (Of course, as an admired developer!) Here is a small list of open-source applications that are developed using Java and can help you understand the basic functions used for developing the essential applications.


Minimal ToDo App

Every single smartphone has an already installed ToDo app, which is provided as a system application. Therefore, a ToDo app is a basic necessity to store lists and information by the users. This application is developed with open-source Java code which implements the most basic functionalities and is one of the best to start with if you are just a beginner for coding an application. However, some important points are missing which includes following the ideal coding standards which can be neglected if the purpose is clear of studying the use of functions and how to integrate other necessary features.



Material design for Android devices has been in fashion. It has gained popularity and quite a fame with offering attractive user interfaces and beautiful designs. This open-source application makes use of the beautiful functions and features material design has to offer and even can make you fall in love with it and interest you to use it in your own developing application. Depicting the use of awesome animations, this application is worth studying for the ones interested in learning material design or looking to brush up their skills on material design.



Do you want to gain more knowledge about Android processes? AnotherMonitor is all about providing details about the CPU usage, memory usage, and management functions. The source code is available on Github and the developers can also learn much from it. As the companies are also looking to hire android developer who is thoroughly clear with the concept of Android processes, this application can be of much help to develop the understanding of the backend processes and procedures in place.



Moving forward from constructing a simple to-do list, OmniNotes is an open-source application that supports all the required features of an application designed to store the notes written by users. Providing an attractive user interface and interactive, useful features, OmniNotes is the application to start learning once you have mastered the basics and looking forward to learning advanced. Also, this application teaches integration with Google Now which is one of the important aspects to start learning.


Amaze File Manager

A file manager is a common application present on every smartphone. Therefore, possessing the ability to construct a simple file manager that can offer copy, cut, paste, move, encrypt and compress operations is necessary. Amaze File Manager follows the material design for Android and is constructed open-source. Though it suffers from the lack of following proper coding standards, the implementation of all required functions can be observed from it.



An example of implementing the best user interface, CoCoin is an application facilitating accounting management and personal finances. This application is a great example of how the data management should be done, how to draw charts and graphs, prepare lists, provide outputs and many more functions that are advanced and at the same time essential to learn. Therefore, supporting through its open-source code, CoCoin is a must to refer to develop more knowledge regarding integrating all required features.


These are few of the open-source applications that can help you develop an advanced edge over other developers by letting you go through the coding standards and the guidelines to be followed while developing an application. Ensuring you put your best efforts while developing an application can lead you to success.

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