Armed Security Can Be a Great Asset to High Risk Businesses


Posted on: 20 June 2020 by Dan Redd

A security company will be focused on nothing else but protecting your business from theft, as well as keeping your clients safe.

Pawn shops are often easy targets for robberies and theft.  This line of business can also attract customers that are belligerent and even violent in behavior.  The simple location of pawn shops put then at increased risk for criminal activity as they are often located in areas that boast of low incomes and high crime rates.  Therefore, those working at pawn shops or stopping into shop may be at risk.  Thus, it is beneficial to hire an experienced security company to protect your customers and employees.  A security company will be focused on nothing else but protecting your business from theft, as well as keeping your clients safe.  They are also trained specifically in the unique security issues and needs of a pawn shop.  This allows your security team to make a security plan that is specialized to the unique needs and risks the business presents.

Advanced Preparation

The professionals at a reputable security company will meet with you to discuss the unique risk factors your business has, potential threats, and give your business a thorough security consultation.  The company will develop a plan in advance that provides detailed descriptions of what each store employee is responsible for, as well as how the security guards will work to address identified risks and threats.  Each store should have its own point of contact within the security company, who is explicitly responsible for addressing desired changes in the services and providing additional support in the event of an emergency.  This person should also be in good standing with local law enforcement and have a prior relationship with this police department.  This functions to ensure police respond as quickly and efficiently as possible if there is a crisis or emergency.  This can also encourage a better relationship between law enforcement and the local pawn shop.  The local police department may even become more interested in keeping an eye on the store.

Armed Guards Are the Best Way to Go

It is advisable to go with armed security guards in Fort Worth TX to protect your pawn shop.  Since these businesses are a hot spot for violence and armed robbery, it is important to protect your assets, customers, and employees if a dangerous situation occurs.  It is important that you hire armed guards that have been thoroughly trained in threat assessment as it will be crucial that they take caution and are aware of when a situation needs force and when it can be peacefully resolved.  An armed guard can act as a deterrent to criminals.  It is unlikely a robber will choose to rob a store that is obviously guarded with an armed guard(s).  A professional security company will only employ guards who first work to resolve issues peacefully but know the time and place to use their armed status to ensure the safety of all those in your store.

Increase the security of your business and improve your reputation with the public by hiring armed security guards to protect your clients and assets.  Allow employees to work without fear and customers to browse with ease, knowing they are fully protected from dangerous situations and people.  Hiring the right security company will be integral to ensuring the entire process is goes smoothly and is stress free for everyone involved.

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