Antioxidants and Its Anti-Aging Miracles: How Effective Are They?


Posted on: 28 February 2019 by Tom Clark

Most of us have probably heard about antioxidants as they seem to be everywhere

Most of us have probably heard about antioxidants as they seem to be everywhere - from skincare products to the actual food we eat. Some foods with antioxidants include wine, fruits like berries, and even chocolates. Once we see on commercials and ads that something contains antioxidants, it's supposed to be good for our health.

But is it really healthy and what can it do, especially about how we look?

Antioxidants and Free Radicals

There’s a process that happens in the human body known as oxidation that creates unstable molecules called “free radicals.” Although the body can cope with these molecules and may actually need them to be more effective. But high levels of free radicals can cause several health issues such as cancer, heart diseases, and liver problems.

To avoid overload of free radicals, maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle is needed. Stay away from smoking, alcohol, and staying too much under the sun. Most especially, eating foods rich in antioxidants can help.

Antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E as well as other nutrients like selenium, zinc, and copper can help fight free radicals and avoid chronic health problems. Some antioxidant effects and Somatropin side effects are the same.

Benefits of Antioxidants

Antioxidants came into popularity during the 1990s when scientists were able to find out that people who have low intake of antioxidant-rich foods are at a greater risk of getting cancer and other chronic health conditions.

These antioxidants are said to help in fighting several diseases such as chronic heart problems, vision loss, and cancer depending on what type of antioxidant it is. For example, antioxidants like vitamin E can help boost your immunity and help avoid these problems. Meanwhile, Carotenoids is more geared toward fighting vision problems.

Anti-aging properties

However, one of the most well-known benefits of antioxidants is its anti-aging effect - much like with the Somatropin side effects. Perhaps the best part about antioxidants is you can eat them as well as wear them. A lot of people, especially women, use products with antioxidants to take care of their body from the outside and easily giving them the effect of getting younger.

Topical antioxidants are able to help block free radicals in your surroundings which include pollutants and the harmful UV rays. The cosmetics industry are finding ways to shrink down the antioxidants so they can enter through your pores - thus the creams and lotions. They are able to block the entrance so that free radicals won’t penetrate your body further through the skin.

With these products and with a healthy diet to nurture your skin from within, you can avoid signs of skin aging such as the following:

  • Age spots - When you age, your melanocytes or your pigment cells multiply and form into huge visible spots. However, you can get premature age spots especially when you’re always out in the sun. Normally, these appear on areas that are more exposed to UV rays like your face and your hands.
  • Wrinkles and lines - These are also natural when we age as our skin starts losing its moisture, collagen, and elastin. Just like with age spots, these appear earlier when you’re more exposed to the sun.
  • Dry skin - When your skin doesn't produce enough natural moisture, it gets dry. And like other types of skin aging signs, it normally happens faster due to too much sun exposure.

Through antioxidants in both the food you eat and beauty products you use, your skin can get protection from harmful UV rays and delay these signs. That’s why using sunscreen and products with UV protection is essential.

Most of all, through several studies, scientists were able to determine antioxidants on products were able to help decrease the risks of getting skin cancer. With scientific evidence, it’s safe to say that antioxidants do have anti-aging effects.

Somatropin side effects are also known to help in stopping several signs of aging.

Foods Rich in Antioxidants

If you want to incorporate more antioxidants in your diet to get its benefits, here are some food you should turn to:

  • Onions, leeks, and garlic are good source of allium sulphur compounds.
  • Mangoes, carrots, parsley, and spinach are good sources of beta-carotene.
  • Milk, seafood, nuts, and lean meat can give you copper, zinc, and manganese.
  • Red wine, green tea, apples, onions, and citrus fruits are filled with flavonoids.
  • Corn and green leafy vegetables are good for getting lutein.
  • Whole grains, avocados, nuts, and seeds are good sources of vitamin E.


It’s alright to feel wary about the things that you often see on ads and commercials especially when it’s about your health. In fact, it’s a good sign if you’re curious whether things work as how they were depicted.

However, you’re in good hands with antioxidants. Still, it’s always good to consult with health specialists especially if you’re trying to enhance your health and your appearance.

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