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Posted on: 16 March 2017 by James Vega

Access is therefore restricted at your whim.

With the advancement in technology, Security gun safes are now way above the previous kinds. With the introduction of gun safes that uses fingerprints as its identifying tool, the problem with forgotten combination to unlock whatever security boxes at home is no longer an issue needed to deal with.

What is a Fingerprint Gun Safe?

These are the innovation of deposit safes. Fingerprint security gun safes use biometrics instead of the traditional pins and number codes. The locking mechanism is initiated and identified through the fingerprint marks of the user.

What are Its Advantages?

Safes that uses fingerprint are usually safer than those who don’t. Since the fingerprint safe is a sole and personal identification of a person, tampering is almost an impossible task for robbers. Unlike those security gun safes that require pins and number codes that have that chance of being randomly guessed and thereby accessed; fingerprint safes have less possibility to none for that to happen.

Fingerprint security gun safes also has that convenience factor; compare to the hassle of typing in your number combination, this data safe that identifies your print is a lot easier to perform with just a simple press

What are the Other Features?

Fingerprint security gun safes have categorical ratings such as FAR and FRR. FAR is the ‘false acceptance rate’ and this identifies the possibility of entry or opening of the guns safes that is not permitted. While the FRR or the ‘false rejection rate’ will take care of the identification of the probability that someone will be given or denied access.

Another great feature of sentrysafe PP1K portable pistol safe review deposit safes is the ability to be programmed and make a list of fingerprints you have programmed as trusted people. With this method, the people you do not trust cannot open the security boxes and cannot touch your valuables. 


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