Aging in Place: Household Chores and Seniors


Posted on: 06 November 2019 by Tracey Clayton

It’s important for seniors to find a balance between the help they need to get in order to keep their home clean and safe and being self-reliable and doing the chores they can on their own.


Aging can be a scary prospect and will probably require some adjustments in one's lifestyle. It puts limits on what we can do, making us feel more vulnerable. All of this is noticeable in day-to-day life, and seniors living alone often have problems dealing with household chores and home maintenance.

That’s why it’s important for seniors to find a balance between the help they need to get in order to keep their home clean and safe and being self-reliable and doing the chores they can on their own. 


Cleaning is the most common household chore and the one that seniors should let go the last. For the most part, it’s just about mopping and vacuuming and those tasks could even be seen as light exercise. Making sure it’s done on time and on a regular basis also helps seniors with remembering and sticking to plans.

Every once in a while, a home will need a thorough cleaning – usually a couple of times a year. This could be a bit too much and it’s perfectly fine to hire a professional for the big spring and autumn cleaning job. Hiring professionals in rubbish removal in Sydney should do the job from start to finish.

A tradesman

Every homeowner and a senior especially should have a couple of tradesmen on speed dial. They are there to help fix a problem with your home that you can’t fix yourself and that’s urgent in nature. For the most part, it’s best to have a plumber, an electrician, and a roofer on your list, but there could be others as well.

When there’s a problem with plumbing or wiring, it’s best not to go into it yourself, but to rely on the professionals to do the job. It’s important to take the time to find these experts and to check their references and credentials beforehand.

Grocery shopping

Grocery shopping is one of the most common and frequent chores that need to be taken care of but it requires two things that seniors will have increasing trouble with. The first is mobility itself and the second is memory since it’s important to remember what to buy.

Both of these could be solved with the wonders of modern technology. Most grocery shopping could be done online and the lists could be pre-made with the help of a family member or a friend. At the same time, it’s possible to pay in advance as well as have recurring orders. The key, however, is for the seniors not to shy away from tech advancements.

Senior homecare services

It’s always important to remember that professional help is out there. There are services that are specialized in the homecare of seniors in particular. It’s sometimes important to hire them just to pay a visit to a senior and assess their needs and abilities in a fair and objective way.

The experience these services have in providing for seniors will allow them to give you a sense of what kind of help a senior needs and how much of it should be done by an expert. The scope of their work can increase over time as there’s more need for it.


Seniors may experience trouble dealing with the day to day household tasks and chores. This, in turn, could jeopardize their health and safety. That’s why it’s imperative for senior homeowners to find a balance between the tasks they can do themselves and the ones they need help with.

There are professionals out there providing services from general care for the elders to tradesmen and rubbish removal experts, to make lives easier for the average senior. 


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