Achieving The Minimal Makeup Look


Posted on: 20 August 2020 by Nicky Mose

There was a time when women were into bold eyeliners and crimson lips but the trends have taken a u-turn over these years.

There was a time when women were into bold eyeliners and crimson lips but the trends have taken a u-turn over these years. We are saying this because the minimal or no-makeup look has become the ultimate hit among ladies. With summers approaching, you don’t need to plaster up the face with heavy makeup, given the humidity. To be honest, women are shaking their heads to custom cosmetic packaging boxes because cosmetics become a big no in humid weather. 

On top of everything, the summer glow hardly required any add-ons. With this being said, it is pretty clear that all you need is a sunscreen and tint to make a glowy and rosy face. If you’ve become a fan of minimal makeup, we have added some essentials that you need to inculcate in your ritual. So, let’s see what you need to do for harnessing that perfect no-makeup look. 

The Clean Canvas

If you want a clean and smooth application, you need to promise a clear skin. Consequently, it’s always a better choice to invest in a hydrating cleaner because it cleans up the impurities and instils antioxidants in your skin. With these properties, you’ll be able to kill those free radicals from the environment and save your skin from the adverse impacts. 

Some SPF

The sun might give you all the light you want but the harmful rays can lead to irritation and age the skin. If you intend to save your skin, add a generous layer of sunscreen on your face. While choosing the sunscreen, make sure it is paraben-free and oil-free. In addition to saving the skin from harmful rays, it will reduce the chances of clogged pores. 


Scorching heat might lead to sweat but hydration is important to keep skin restored and safe. So, once you’ve applied the sunscreen, add a layer of hydrating moisturizer because it helps the skin stay plump. Use the moisturizer with vitamin C and coconut because it restores skin, takes away the dryness while promising moisture retention. 


If you want your makeup to stay put and doesn’t cake, make sure that you add a suitable primer. The primer will also shrink the pore size. In addition, your choice of primer will lead to either dewy skin or matte finish, so choose wisely and take your skin into consideration. 

Skin Tint

For everyone who wants to apply a thin layer of makeup and hide the imperfections, using a skin tint is better than making your skin cakey with heavy foundations. The tint will hide the slight imperfections while smoothening up the texture.

The Additional Steps

Once you’ve created a clear skin foundation to apply makeup, follow the below-mentioned steps; 

  • First of all, fill in the brows and give them proper shape
  • Curl up with lashes with a magical mascara wand (use the waterproof mascara because there is going to be sweat) 
  • To harness those rosy cheeks, add a pink blush but if you are into peachy look, add some orange blush and hit the streets like a Madonna 
  • But hey, don’t forget to dab some light pink lipstick on your lips because that’s how you complete the no-makeup and minimal look

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