A Guide to Whale Watching in San Diego


Posted on: 22 March 2019 by Tom Clark

The Pacific Ocean just off the San Diego’s Coast is the best place to see gray whale moving, making

The Pacific Ocean just off the San Diego’s Coast is the best place to see gray whale moving, making this place a global tourist destination for people across the world to come and get a closer view of these giant creatures. If you are thinking of watching whales this year, then this is all that you need to know:

The sailboat tour San Diego depart from the Pacific marinas in the open water. You can choose departure time as per your convenience. In order to get the complete sight and sound of your encounter with these aquatic beasts, you should carry your camera for sure. When you are on a cruise in San Diego, you have so much to do. December to April is the major migration time for the Gray whales. They pass through the water just off the coast. And, thus the sailors get vivid opportunities of whale watching here.

Some of the tips for boaters and sailors while gray whale watching in Diego are mentioned below:

When you are on those private sailing tours San Diego, then witnessing the gray whales during their migration is the highlight on the water, but one should be careful about the journey of the animals too.

Avoid approaching them from the front or back: It is important to approach whales and dolphins from a direction which doesn’t startle them or force them to change their direction. Rather you should approach them in such a way that they can see you and feed without distraction.

Minimize your speed: If the speed of your sailboat tour San Diego is too fast, then ask the sailors to slow it down when you get close to the whales. You have to be slower to observe them.

Avoid shouting or making loud noises: It may be amazing to see such giant marine beasts around you, but blowing a horn or yelling isn’t suggested. Studies suggest and prolonged exposure to noise could lead to behavioural issues in the animals.

Choose your tour wisely: If you are in a group and booked for private sailing tours San Diego, then make sure you keep the boat size in mind. Also find out the time duration for which you are going to be on the ocean. You can hire a private charter for less number of people and save some money too.

Speak about safety to the captain and crew: Security, comfort and fun are the major things that you need to be sure of during your sailing tours. Make sure the captain and crew are experienced and have the right licensing for these activities. Having a short conversation with the captain is preferable for a satisfying trip.

San Diego sailing tours are very exciting whether you go with your partner, family or friends. If you want to get the best whale watching San Diego experience, then book your sailing tour now as this is the migration time and you will see dozens of different breeds of magnificent fishes, dolphins, whales and other animals here.

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