A Great Plantation Tour Experience


Posted on: 01 July 2017 by Aaron James

A Great Plantation Tour Experience

New Orleans is a large city wherein people have a lot of paid and free things to do. That is because the city has a very rich culture, as well as considered as the melting pot of food of music. The most common food that people can find in the city is Creole and Cajun food. When it comes to music, jazz or classical music is what the city is known for. The area is also known for having several historical sites or landmarks. Additionally, most of the buildings in the area are being used as shops, restaurants, and hotels. The city also has a lot of swamps, rivers, and parks that outdoorsy individuals will surely enjoy and love.

People who will be visiting New Orleans will also be able to visit different plantations that are also has historical values. They have also been built a few centuries ago and have been preserved, maintained, and slightly improved. However, the vibes in the past can still be felt despite the changes in the community as well as some improvements made. Popular plantations that can be visited by tourists include the Oak Alley, Evergreen, and Laura plantations. However, people should remember that when they visit such areas, it is always best that they have a tour guide and driver. Such will ensure that they will not waste their time, as well as feel comfortable throughout the tour. A company that has received good reviews and ratings that can be booked is the New Orleans Tours.

People who will be booking plantation tours with the above-mentioned company will be accompanied by a licensed and reliable driver and guide. The good thing is that the guests will be picked up from their respective hotels earlier than the scheduled tour. Additionally, group tours will only have a maximum of 25 tourists. Thus, there is no crowding and inconvenience. It should also be noted that private torus are also available. During the travel period, the guests will enjoy viewing the sights that they will pass through. They will be able to see the Mississippi river, cypress swamps, Louisiana's wetlands, and Lake Pontchartrain.

The plantation tour package in New Orelans Native Tours is open for both adult and children and will last from eight in the morning to two in the afternoon. The first tour is a visit to the Oak Alley Plantation. The good thing about it is that the guide will allow the visitors to walk around the area and enjoy everything that is in there. They will be able to visit the different exhibits available, take photos inside the "big house", and more. The tourists will then be given the chance to choose whether to visit the Laura Plantation or the Evergreen Plantation at the second part of the tour. After visiting and walking around the popular plantations, the company's driver will pass through a route wherein visitors will be able to see the four other plantations in the city namely Columbia, Whitney, Felicity, and St. Joseph Plantations.

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