6 Reasons How Music Affects Us


Posted on: 20 June 2016 by Usman Javed

An article giving an insight on how music effects our minds. Enabling us to perform better in our environment due to choosing music as stimulus for personal betterment

Have you ever seen every third person, busy in their iPod listening to their favorite music and get ever so busy and comfortable with their lives? A simple commute to your local park accompanied with music in the ears can make the walk ever so pleasing and better feeling.  Not only will it help in enlightening ones mood but also provide a feeling of change which one has a control over. A very powerful factor in why music is around us every day since ages.   

Over the past decade or so, the perception of music effecting our brain and behavioral output has been of keen study for researchers and scientist all together. Precisely, it is how music affects the psychological and emotional characteristics in a person; though our list of reasons will not be looking into great statistical or in depth research analysis, however we will be focusing in the principal areas in which music does play an important factor in influencing and manipulating our behavioral outcome.

Music Provides Motivation

Music is a great tool for self and peer motivation, not only can it inflict the boosting spirit in ourselves but also help us creating an environment of motivated individuals under the influence of the same music.  A song with lyrics that spark self-belief and empowerment can establish great loads of self-confidence and attain a state of mental readiness in a person to perform a specific task and accomplish it.

A stress Management Tool

Coming back home from a busy and hectic day, is not only harmful for the brain but also for the body. Perhaps listening to music can surely not make it go away entirely but definitely subside the increased stress levels in the mind.  Listening to music our bodies produce dopamine, a chemical compound that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. This neurotransmitter helps in control of reward and pleasure centers in the brain.  Henceforth, listening to music is not only a pleasurable and rewarding experience; but also a good way for the body to calm down, due to a relaxed state of mind.

Music changes Perception

Human beings are social creatures bound to be effected by our emotional state of minds from the situations happening around us. Listening to music, a person can to some extent get that level of control back in their grasps; How? By changing their perception. Music has the strong ability to influence our moods, listening to sad or happy music for a decent amount of time can eventually influence our mood enough for us to start comprehending things accordingly.

Someone being subjected to somethings sad and hurting is bound to feel disturbed and confused even after not being physically present in front of those things. At a crucial time like this, involving music perhaps some love songs 2016 is a great step as an act of change that will consequently establish a change in perception of the current situation and mood.

Music modifies the Mood

Listening to music with an upbeat and enlightening tune, will help in uplifting the mood of the person. For example if a person is feeling down, for some unknown circumstances listening to a tune of upbeat and pop nature can create a sense of happiness and change our focus enough for our moods to change.

In a study carried out in 2013 by the University of Missouri, showed that music plays a vital role and the people who actively listened to upbeat music shows greater levels of happiness and self-satisfaction than the ones who listened casually.   

Music Uplifts Emotions

In relation to all of the above points that are combined, a person listening to upbeat music is bound to be Happy, Happiness itself entices the body to release a cocktail of different hormones in the brain that help in creating the necessary associated emotions, of Self-satisfaction, Self-esteem, inner peace and an overall improved body language outlook.

Music helps in creating a lasting effect for the mind, a person who has stopped listening to motivational and inspirational music is bound to feel inspired, with high hopes throughout the day due to his uplifted mood. That ability to create a lasting change is a strong ability of music.

Music sparks self-creativity

Music is not a one dimensional activity, but rather encompasses most of our sensory perceptions of hearing, vision and speaking. Listening to music creates a feeling of inspiration and establishes our senses of creativity and self-expression as well.   

A person being able to listen to music, will naturally involve himself in either singing back along with the original vocals, humming, or tapping hands or feet. Furthermore, this feeling of involvement can also spark an individual to create something of his own, based on what he or she is hearing; eventually leading to the self-expression of an individual’s inner voice.




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