6 Fantastic Health Benefits of Massage Therapy for Seniors


Posted on: 01 September 2015 by Romeo Dem

Massage therapy helps speed healing and prevent illnesses in aged people. It is true that majority of people who visit spas and health centers are between 20 and 40 years. When people attain a certain age, say 50 years, their bones become more fragile. Also, aged people get bruised so easily and are more vulnerable to fracture.

You may wonder why people reduce their frequency visits to spas as they grow old. One of the reasons is because some of them have not yet realized the benefits of massage therapy for seniors. Outlined in this article are the six brilliant health benefits seniors can accrue if they undergo massage therapy.

1. Relieves Muscle Pain

As mentioned earlier, bones and muscles of the aged people are too fragile. As such, massage therapy can help heal the sore muscles if done by a specialist in the field. Always choose a therapist who understands the best massage techniques to apply in seniors.

2. Improves Blood Circulation

http://owl-group-staging.s3.amazonaws.com/upload_datas/37749/landscape_large.jpg?1441084101Massage therapy helps blood circulate to all parts of the body. Actually, massage works the same way as rubbing your elbow after knocking it on a hard surface. If done by a professional, capillaries and arteries will become more active hence begin supplying blood to the rest of the body and making the aging process more gracefully.

3. Sooths Anxiety and Depression

It is true that the seniors get stressed every day, especially when being faced with financial or family problems. When they are in the state of depression and happen to visit massage therapist, the anxiety is likely to fade away at the end of the session. It is believed that when the elderly are massaged in a soothing manner make them feel relaxed and forget some of the issues causing the stress.

4. Improves Sleep

Sometimes the seniors lack enough sleep. Remember it is hard to concentrate in sleep if your body is fatigued, especially after undertaking a tedious task. But when properly massaged, the body feels relaxed and you can sleep for long hours.

5. Boosts Immunity

http://owl-group-staging.s3.amazonaws.com/upload_datas/37750/landscape_large.jpg?1441084116Bear in mind that old people have weak bodies. Actually, their bodies are prone to certain health complications. According to Hong Kong therapists, massage boosts white blood cell count and has therefore many benefits. This means that the body will be resistant to some diseases if white blood cells are made to multiply. It also enhances immunity function for aged people suffering from HIV and Aids.

6. Relieves Headaches

When headache hits you and painkillers seem not to work, it is advisable to visit a massage therapist immediately. Massage decreases the severity of tension headaches. Actually, rubdown is the best option for seniors with chronic headaches.


http://owl-group-staging.s3.amazonaws.com/upload_datas/37751/landscape_large.jpg?1441084129If you have an aged person at home, consider taking him or her for a massage from time to time. The good news is that most massage therapists catering for the elderly are mobile. This means they can visit residents, nursing homes or hospitals to offer rubdown services. In addition, these professionals provide moral support to seniors. Invest your time properly to find a professional who is going to meet the needs of your patient.

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