6 Benefits To Getting A Dental Implant


Posted on: 31 May 2019 by Emma Parsons

If you have had an adult tooth removed and you want to replace it, you should consider getting a dental implant. A dental implant is a fake tooth that is made out of ceramic that is drilled into the jawbone and is designed to look and act like a real tooth. And although they can be painful to install and expensive to get, there are a number of benefits to getting a dental implant if you need one.

  1. You won’t notice them - When installing a dental implant, most dental professionals will try to make the tooth look like it belongs in your mouth. Most dentists will try to match your implant to the rest of the teeth in your mouth by comparing the size and shade of the implant that has been created to other teeth that are similar in your mouth. They will also examine the roots of your other teeth via x-ray, so that they can get a sense of how long the metal rod that is inserted in your jaw should be. A good implant should go unnoticed by others, so you won’t have to worry about anyone suspecting that your tooth is fake.


  1. A forceful bite - A dental implant will allow you to fix your bite, even after you have lost a tooth. This is because they are fixed into your jaw with a metal screw, so it feels just like the natural root of the tooth. If your implant is fixed to your jaw like this, you will find it easier to bite into something hard like you used to before your tooth was removed. So you can actually restore the force of your bite by getting a dental implant, thanks to the way that it is fixed to you jaw. Periodontists like those at Australian Dental Specialists are highly skilled at installing dental implants that will look and feel like your real tooth, so you can go back to eating and chewing like you used to once the implant is installed.


  1. Prevention of cavities - Because dental implants are made of ceramic material, you will not be able to get any cavities, because your tooth will be fake. You will not have to worry about bacteria or tartar buildup affecting your teeth, because these issues only affect really teeth that are made of organic matter. So you won’t get any tooth or gum infections or experience any decay when you have dental implants because they are even easier to look after than a normal tooth.


  1. A change in shape - When you remove a tooth from your mouth, it can change your bite, and the way that your mouth moves. However, it can also change the shape of your face and way that it looks, depending on where the tooth is. This is because your facial structure changes to support the loss of the tooth. If you replace the tooth with something that is similar, like a dental implant, you will find that your face will remain the same, rather than changing shape. This is because it will feel balanced again like it once was. So your jaw and other teeth around the one that was removed will not move or change shape to compensate.


  1. Easy to look after - Because your dental implants are meant to look and feel like your regular teeth, you will find that it is very easy to look after them. You can just treat them like your real teeth and brush and floss around them regularly. This will make sure that the teeth and gums around them are kept looking good and healthy, so that all of your teeth will continue to look the same as the implant for a longer amount of time. However like all implants, dental implants will not last forever, nor are they meant to, so you may need to replace them every so often, to ensure that they look and work how they should.


  1. Better than the alternatives - There are a number of alternatives getting a dental implant for those who have had a tooth removed. People who have multiple teeth missing often get a set of dentures to compensate for the teeth that they have missing. But because dentures are meant to be easy to remove and put in, they can come out of your mouth or move from the right spot at very inconvenient times, like when you are talking or eating. Fillings are also a popular option when it comes to replacing a tooth that needs removing because the dentist can make the replacement look like a real tooth. However, unlike a dental implant, fillings need to be replaced every few years, and can come lose very easy, which is not what you want to happen.


Dental implants are not for everyone, and they may not be of benefit to people that are missing a lot of teeth instead of only a few. However, if you have one or two teeth missing in a mouth full of perfectly-functioning teeth, you should consider getting some dental implants to replace the teeth that you have lost. So even though the process may be painful and it can cost you a lot of money to get it done, your teeth are very important and you should try and make sure that they can work well for as long as they possibly can.


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