5 Ways Retirees Can Continue to Challenge Themselves


Posted on: 28 May 2019 by Emma Parsons

If you’re a retiree who’s looking to spice up your life and to challenge yourself in more ways than one, then we have some great tips and ideas for you.


As we all know, retirement might be a little too relaxing for some, so continuing to be active, learning new things and staying on trend might be the best thing for you. Whether you’re looking to improve your digital adeptness to challenge the grandkids or to learn to blog to share experiences online, we have some excellent links, resources and ideas for you.

Take a look below at our fantastic ways retirees can continue to challenge themselves, and you might find your new favourite hobby!

Find Something Brand New to Learn

As we age, it's essential for all of us to continue learning, especially new things. You could learn something entirely new, which would entice your brain to form new connections which in turn reduce risks of both Alzheimer's and other neurological disorders.

If there's been something you've always dreamt of learning or a new technology that's been unveiled which caught your eye, it might be in your best interest to spend a few hours with friends, family or just yourself making strides in learning this new thing.

We suggest that if you're looking to learn a new technology or business related process, that you choose something within the technology industry as these will keep you most up to date and enable you to help friends or businesses with current issues. 


Make ‘Brain Games’ a Hobby

For those looking for a mild challenge, taking the time to play a few brain games either on mobile or computer might be just what it takes to keep you motivated to learn. You could take a look at the App Store or the Microsoft Store for the latest brain training games and other exciting puzzles to fill in time and also to play with new friends.

Brain games and other complex puzzles might also be a great bonding activity if you’re looking to spend time with grandkids as these games help to form and improve cognitive function in young people. 


Learn to Trade and Invest

Retirees looking to truly challenge themselves and make a difference to their savings account at the same time should look to trading on the stock market.

If you’ve never had any interest or experience in the foreign exchange, the good news is that platforms like Learn to Trade offer fantastic resources that supply you with all the information you need to make your first trades or to learn how the system works.

It’s always a good idea to keep your investments low if you do choose to invest, as you don’t want to lose more than you’re able to earn.

One of the biggest perks of learning to trade is that the constant movement of the markets and the ever-changing broker platforms will mean you’re always going to be kept on your toes and challenged.


Relearn Some Old Skills

If it’s been many years since you last knew a particular skill or spoke a language, it might be time to invest a few hours a week brushing up on those old skills. You’ll find that learning the skills you once knew can be just as tricky as learning brand new skills, so retirees looking for a challenge, go back to your old work diary or work schedule and take on a few of those challenges.

To top things off, you might become proficient at an old skill that allows you to re-enter work the workforce with family or friends on a part-time or casual basis, giving you plenty of new and exciting things to do that both challenge you and provide you with some income.


Take Up a Sport

To end our list, it might be a great decision to challenge yourself physically rather than just mentally. Taking up a sport you once played, or learning an entirely new sport gives you the chance to make friends, strengthen your body and keep your schedule filled with exciting training sessions.

There’s a good chance you’ll be left feeling a whole lot better after doing a few weeks of sport as your body will begin to get fitter and more agile, just be sure to adjust your food and nutrient intake based on your level of activity.

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