5 Fun Ways for Retired People to Make Money


Posted on: 02 August 2017 by James look

You have worked hard your entire life and finally, you get to enjoy your retirement. But are you content with your finances and the flow of life?

You have worked hard your entire life and finally, you get to enjoy your retirement. But are you content with your finances and the flow of life? Often, retired people will seek money-making opportunities that also give them something active to do and fill the humdrum of day-to-day life. Here are five fun ways retired people can make money, and make new friends in the process.


1. Start Your Own Food Truck Business

Are you known in your family for making those amazing pies at Thanksgiving, or mouth-watering burgers that beat anything you can get in a restaurant? Food trucks are a great way to make money because the industry is booking, the cost of running them is low, and the initial investment is nowhere near what you would face looking at a brick-and-mortar location. Don’t buy a used truck; work with a custom food truck builder to get a custom food truck designed to accommodate your needs and the type of food you will be cooking and serving. Be sure to find a food truck company that can also help you with branding, your logo, and select the right equipment. Then do a little market research to see where your customer audience is located, and start making the rounds while heavily promoting yourself on social media (this could be a task for the grandkids).

2. Become a Personal Trainer

You may be retired, but if you are fit and in great shape why not inspire others in your generation to reach the same fitness level you have? It would be ideal for you to work with a local personal trainer so you can discover the newest exercises and techniques. Then take a course at your local community college to get certified. You can work as an independent, or with an established gym. Personal training will not only put some extra bills in your pocket but will allow you to keep up your own fitness while helping others get in shape.

3. Rent out Your Space

Do you have a spare bedroom, an extra property, or a guest house? You can rent it out to travelers through platforms like Airbnb that currently hosts more than 190 countries.

You can rent your space for a number of nights, weeks, or even a month. Not only can you potentially make enough to cover your monthly mortgage payments, but you will meet people from all over the world and likely make some great friends along the way!

4. Become a Life Coach

When you were employed in your career, was it within a field where you have seen and heard it all? Were you a police officer, teacher, lawyer, or involved in an industry where you held an active leadership role while helping others improve their life? Perhaps you are a parent, and you feel passionate about sharing your parenting tips with others. If you lived your life as a single father you may have a lot to teach other young single men with kids. Or as a wife and mother, you may feel called to help coach women. First, work with a local life coach to get a better idea if it is the right move for you. Find one whose coaching specialty matches your interests, and make sure his or her style resonates. Working with a life coach before you become one will also help you find your own methods while simultaneously working on certain things you may wish to clear before reaching out to other souls. You can coach others in your home office, over the phone, or via Skype and set your own prices.

5. Become a Freelance Writer

If you are talented with the pen, work as a freelance writer and make a great chunk of change every month. There are a number of platforms like Textbroker where you can choose open projects and in return, the company takes a small percentage of your earnings. You can work from any location where there is an Internet signal, and you choose your own hours and the topics you write about.

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