5 Fun & Fulfilling Hobbies For Women Over 50


Posted on: 01 January 2018 by Riya Sand

Are you look for some hobby ideas for women over 50? It is actually not difficult to come up with an idea. If you search up for ideas online, you will find a variety of choices you can choose from.

When you think of things to do when you are retired, you have to keep in mind that 50 is no longer considered the old age. Sometimes, it is inevitably to ask yourself, "What should I do with my time?" or "How can I continue to feel strong and capable?”, but bare in mind that age should not prevent you from things you want to try. You must be bold and be true to yourself. Is there anything that you have been wanting to do but got no chance back then?

With that in mind, this article will give you some fun and fulfilling hobbies you can do both indoors and outdoors. Take a look at this list and see if any of these ideas match your interests.

Create a piece of visual art

If you are already interested in Arts and drawing, that is perfect. Creating a piece of visual art is good for you. New research from Germany suggests that the creation of visual art helps in the improvement of brain function in seniors. They found that a group of new retirees who took a class in which they did paintings and drawings, was reported to have strengthened psychological resilience.  

When speaking of creating a piece of visual art, there is a range of choices out there. Try to be more specific and choose what interests you. Doing something as unique and bold as learning how to make graffiti and street art should not be excluded. If you want to opt for something a little more classic like figure sketching or life drawing, that is great too. If you want to draw while still connecting with others, try and attend a drawing class to see how you like it.

Design something

As mentioned above, Arts offers so much. It helps you unleash the hidden side of you that you have never seen before. It boosts your self-esteem. You will also get a sense of accomplishment when you complete a piece of work. Now speaking of designing, honestly, you could never run out of hobbies related to designing - making a paper mache, pottery, sculpting, making clay models or flower arrangement.

If you already have a keen interest in designing or making something, you will enjoy one of these creative ideas at home. On another side, you can even make some money selling items you made yourself.

Start a blog

Starting a blog is definitely a little more challenging. It is more than just a hobby. You need a 100% commitment if you want to run a successful blog. But, it is worth the time and energy spent if you are someone who already loves to write and shares your thoughts about topics that you are genuinely interested in.

If you are a former financial advisor, why don’t run a blog about personal finance tips? If you love to cook, you can start a blog about food and recipes. Starting a cooking blog, you will even learn how to photograph your own recipes. You will see that starting a blog will also lead you to some other things.

Join a hiking group

Are you an outdoor lover? Why not try hiking then? Hiking is a great way to get you close to nature, appreciate its beauty, get a great workout and make some great friends along the way. That is if you join a hiking group rather than go on a hike by yourself.

You might be hesitant at first, thinking that hiking is too strenuous. But you can adjust the activity according to what you are comfortable with. For example, you can choose an all-day hike, go on a hiking trip or simply choose a trail that suits your preference. It is a great change of an atmosphere and is certainly another activity that creates a sense of achievement at the end of every hike.

Grow your own plants

Gardening is another great hobby that gets you outside in the sun, improves your mood and practically gives you free vegetables. It surely takes a plenty of your time, you will also need more room in your backyard to start this.

There are multiple benefits of gardening. Growing plants is not easy. It takes time and you need to be patient. But once you get into gardening, you increase your physical activity, it means that you are getting a bit stronger. At the end, when you can eat food harvested from the ground, you eat a little bit healthier.

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Maddox Stone posted 24 January 2018

Yeah, old years is not the end!

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