5 Eco-friendly Holidays Destinations: Green and Responsible retreats


Posted on: 08 September 2017 by Corine Smith

If you want to relax on holiday, consider picking a destination that is eco-friendly.

We are all aware that holidays are great! Visiting beautiful destinations is fun but that doesn’t mean you have to be disrespectful with the “mother earth”. Travel provides unforgettable memories, probably the best experience humans can have, but unfortunately, travel has consequences not only economically and social but also environmental consequences. If you want to become a green traveller, we suggest you 5 eco-friendly holidays destinations, check them out.

5 Eco-friendly Holidays Destinations

Costa Rica









Costa Rica is the eco-friendly destination par excellence. This beautiful tropical oasis is famous for its responsible tourism. With numerous and beautiful forests, reserves and parks, it’s the perfect example that sustainable tourism is possible. Costa Rica has been blessed with a breathtaking natural beauty and unique wildlife, the reason why it is fabulous for naturalists paradise.

The country is set in an idyllic location between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, so you will have a large array of beaches from white sandy beaches with turquoise waters to black sand beaches and big waves. Few countries in the world have sustainability program for resorts and hotels and Costa Rica is one of those. If you book hotels online make sure that you book an eco-friendly resort.










Patagonia offers stunning scenery of lakes, coastal treasures, dazzling glaciers and snow-capped mountains, undoubtedly, something special and one of the last unspoilt areas of the world. Patagonia is a sanctuary that we all have to help to preserve. This area features the world’s best whale-watching areas as well as unique areas home to numerous endangered species.










This European country is one of the best areas eco-friendly holidays destinations in the world. The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana was voted the Green capital of Europe in 2016. Holiday makers can enjoy a charming city, probably one of the luckiest cities in Europe. The capital of Slovenia has escaped any major war damage over the years. Ljubljana has old streets with beautiful buildings and a river that cross the city. Certainly, is fascinating to see that a European city with thousands of years of history is capable to be an eco-friendly city.

Galapagos Islands









Located over 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, the beautiful Galapagos Islands are away from the rest of the world. More than the 90 per cent of the islands are national parks, with strong laws to protect it from any damage. If you want to visit the island you need to hire an official tour because the number of visitors is restricted. If you are lucky enough to visit it, you will discover one of the most beautiful areas in the world. Please, respect the environment and follow the instruction related to recycling and conservation.


Incredible savannahs perfect for safaris and encounters with the biggest 5 and a large array of wild animals, Kenya is one of the best Eco-friendly Holidays Destinations. Kenya has a community that has created numerous projects in order to safeguard the endemic wildlife. Whether if you want to visit the Savannah or bathe on any of its numerous beaches, Kenya is the best choice for your next holidays. This country has similar laws like Costa Rica, so most of the accommodation options are eco-friendly.

When planning eco-friendly holidays it’s important to do it consciously and always trying to minimize the carbon footprint. At your destination always try either walk or use a bike, instead of a car. Furthermore, instead of buying water bottles all the time try reusable bottles. Don’t forget to buy everything from local shops and eat local food. Now, can you tell us if you are an eco-friendly traveller? Would you like to visit any of these locations? Have you ever been to any other eco-friendly holidays destinations? Comment!

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