5 Creative Business Cards Design That Will Make You Look Twice


Posted on: 20 June 2019 by david david

A business card is an important asset for any company or even for an individual selling services of their own like a photographer or graphic designer.

The business card tends to have a massive impact on the customers and it also later becomes the identity of that particular brand or individual since it is the card that people remember them by. However, this is only the case when business cards are extremely attractive and leave in impression in the mind of the seer. There are a few business card designs that are sure to make anyone look twice.

Business Card with a Catchy Quote

There is no way in the world someone is going to forget a catchy quote they see on a business card. Most often, these quotes or saying and kept short but have a large effect. Some companies use puns while other like to use a humorous element to appear a casual entity to the customers so that they can see the company as more approachable.

A good example of this is a Photographer’s business card that says, “I shoot people”. It is very hard for someone to not look twice at this piece of creativity.

Business Card Boxes

Recently, this trend has been catching on where people are using business card boxes of cardboard as their cards. These stay for long and normally are even shaped as the company’s logo which is bound to leave an impression. These cards can easily be kept in a business card box organizer to ensure that none of the cards are misplaced.

Sometimes, these cards are placed on the reception area so that everyone that enters can take one. Business card boxes in UK are quite common since these cards speak of sophistication and finesse.

Logo Shaped Business Cards

Most often, the business cards are shaped in logos of the company. This is quite eye catching and it helps to make the seer remember the logo of the game which is like the recognition of the company. Using business card custom packaging, the companies can keep their cards in rectangular or square boxes so that they do not have to hassle about finding the right shape for their card holders.

If you are a designer, the card maybe shaped as a palette or as a brush. In case of a real estate agent, the card maybe shaped as a house. Or as a sign that says ‘Sold Out’ on one side of it.

Plain Business Cards

Mostly, these cards come in custom business card boxes because they literally have nothing on them except maybe a single line or just the mission statement of the company summarised in a phrase. Thus, they have to be customized but it leaves a good impression in just a few words.

A good example of these cards is having the front part completely blank or maybe having one of your sample arts on it if you are a designer. On the back, the background is kept white with just the name of the company on it along with their motto.

Double Shaded Business Cards

While most companies like to keep their business cards in one colour only since it makes the card look sleek, the others aim towards a more funky look that appears playful and attracts the customer. The front and backside of the card maybe in different yet contrasting colours.

Also, the front mainly only has the name of the company or the service provider and the back has all the additional information about address, contact and other things.

All these business card designs are bound to leave an impression on someone who looks at them. Since they are unique and quite versatile at the same time too, they ensure that the customer will remember the card and the card will eventually become the recognition symbol for the particular company or individual.


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Rylee Warren posted 23 June 2020

These business card designs are cool, and I like how creative they are. I want to know if you have more graphics for business cards that you haven't shared with us yet. Let me know if you have more of these, please.

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