5 Bespoke Bathroom Design Ideas for the Mature Couple


Posted on: 28 November 2014 by Vickie Harrison

If you’ve reached that golden point in your life when your kids have all grown up and you’ve paid off your mortgage, you’ll feel the incredible liberation to know that your property is all yours and can spend your spare time really enjoying your home. You may even want to make some changes if you’re retired and you want to tackle all those long-awaited projects around the house. After all, as our lifestyles change, so should our homes.

One of the most important rooms in the home is most certainly the bathroom; once you’re retired and no longer rushing off for your morning meetings at work, you’ll find that getting ready and having a bath/shower is much more than just day to day routine. With more time on our hands, a bathroom can be a place of relaxation and sanctuary.


For mature couples, a bespoke bathroom design could be a fantastic option. If you want to create the perfect spa-like bathroom for your retired years, here are 5 bespoke design ideas…


  1. The Sit Down Shower

If you love a refreshing shower in the morning, there are many contemporary shower designs which feature the practical element of seating for a more comfortable morning wash. There’s a common misconception that sit down showers designed for the elderly are unstylish and out-dated. But there are so many modern styles you can opt for, including the mix of glass panelling and wood, or the use of designer marble.


  1. The Relaxing Corner Bath

The relaxing corner bath is making a retro comeback. Some homeowners avoid the corner bath because they think it could look outdated. But if you appoint a bespoke bathroom designer, you can create a design which is both contemporary and practical.


  1. Easy Access Bathtubs

As we get older, getting in and out, or going up and down, isn’t going to be easy on our joints. Maximise your comfort and don’t upset your painful joints by getting a bespoke bathtub designed. Easy access bathtubs feature a lock-seal door which allows you to get in and out of the tub easily and comfortably.


  1. Jack and Jill Vanity

Jack and Jill bathrooms have long been a feature of luxury, a prestigious symbol of wealth and timeless style. Now you can get the same for your bathroom by installing a Jack and Jill sink. If you and your partner have just entered into the golden years together, you’ll be spending a lot more time in the home than you used to when you were working. Make it possible to accommodate the both of you with a double sink vanity.


  1. Bespoke Bathroom Furniture

Storage is important if you receive a lot of guests. If your children and grandkids come to stay often, it’s important to have somewhere to store extra towels and toiletries. Bathroom furniture can help keep your home organised and tidy all year round.


If you are renovating a small bathroom, be sure to see the bathroom design photos from House to Home Magazine for some ergonomic design inspiration.

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Rylee Warren posted 10 October 2020

I was looking for a new design for my washroom when I came upon your website. Based on the designs here, I would want Bath Re-enamelling so that it looks like the washroom in the pictures.

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