5 Advantages Of Aged Care Facilities


Posted on: 20 May 2019 by Emma Parsons

It can be hard to look after your elderly parents or loved ones on your own. As your loved ones get older, they ted to find it harder to move through life and do some of the things that you used to find easy. Having your own family to deal with can make the burden of care even harder on you, so if you are able to place your loved one into care, you find that there are a number of advantages for yourself and for them as well.

  1. Safety and security - When you get older, making sure that you are safe in your own home becomes a top priority. If your loved one is living by themselves in their own home, it can be hard to make sure that they are protected at all times. If they are living in an aged care facility, you can be sure that they are feeling safe and secure at all times, because there will always be someone there to help on the premises. Most care homes also have a few security guards that will patrol the compound at night, so you won’t have to worry about anything happening to your loved ones or their possessions.


  1. Prevent loneliness - Aged care homes are a great place for people of a certain age, because they get to mix with people of their age and demographic that they would not normally have access to in the outside world. It can get lonely if you are living on your own and far away from your family and friends, so if you live in an aged care facility, there will always be someone around for a chat. Best of all, if your loved one is living in an aged care facility, they will have access to a number of events and activities that they would not be able to be involved in if they were not a resident. These activities and events are great for people to get out there and meet those that are living in their facility, so they can do something that they like, while making new friends.


  1. Assistance when you need - One of the major benefits to staying in an aged care facility is that there is always someone there to help you when you need it. Even if your loved one is able to look after themselves, having someone around when they need can be a great help and can make even the simplest of tasks a breeze. Also, there are always medical professionals on call, so people can get help from a doctor or a nurse when they need. If you live by yourself, you may not always have someone there that you can ask for help when you need, so having someone there at all times should be of some comfort.


  1. A range of services and facilities - Aged care homes will also have a lot of facilities and services available to their residents. There are a range of services available to help you relax and feel good while you stay at the facility. Beauty services available, like hairdressers and manicurists for the ladies who want to look good. Laundry is also another common service offered to residents so that they don’t have to worry about doing there washing. Some care homes will have some really special features available onsite, like the private cinema available to residents at Banfield’s Aged Care Facility. Most facilities will also have paid television and WiFi available to residents as well, so there will always be something to do and someone to help your loved one out. 


  1. Help family and friends - If you have a young family, it can be difficult to take care of an aging loved one while juggling the rest of your life as well. Not only can it be physically draining for you and your family to help your loved one out, it can also cost a lot of money to pay for their lifestyle while giving them the right amount of care that they need. It can be expensive to put your loved one into a care home, but if it is something that is going to help you and your family out, it may be a good idea. Also, if you don’t have to be a full-time carer, you can go back to having a relationship with your loved one that does not involve looking after them everyday.


It may be hard to convince your loved one to go into aged care, especially if they are accustomed to a certain kind of lifestyle outside of the facility. However, at the end of the day, there are a number of benefits to putting your loved one into aged care. The key is to remind them that their quality of life will be better if they have someone that can take care of them on a regular basis. If you can make them see that there are a number of advantages to going into aged care, then it will be easier when it comes time for them to move, so make sure that they are comfortable with the decision before you proceed.

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