4 Traveling Tips for Startups on a Budget


Posted on: 13 April 2020 by Amy Smith Brown

The idea is prepared and the investors are excited

The idea is prepared and the investors are excited, there's a certain confidence that has arisen within you that will make your idea stand out when you pitch to the hungry clients and then there's the settling feeling of being on the edge of the greatest discovery to hit your life but in your stomach there's that response that makes you question how many people you could pitch to? How far will your initial investment reach when it comes to attending events or meetings? Travel costs now look like they are going to stand in front of your dream, don't let them, put the same thought into budgeting on travel that you did on that prototype. Use these tips to make the budget stretch but never break,

  1. Blueprint your travel, just as you did with the initial idea now you need to with a travel policy, set out a series of guidelines for how you approach booking, staying and eating whilst travelling. With a blueprint travel policy you can make sure the best deals are found on comparison sites like Airbnb, Enjoy Car Hire, Kayak and Booking.com but then always make sure you compare again with the chosen airline or hotel as sometimes they might offer something these algorithms won't pick up.
  2. Points for everyone, there's no shortage of reward schemes out there and everyone should be signing up to them within your Startup but how about allowing the points to go to the team and the expenses to be claimed by the company that way the builders of the company feel incentivised to keep to the guidelines and have an added investment in the travel itself, their way of saving for a personal holiday.
  3. No extra baggage, it may seem like you need that extra pair of shoes to impress the investors but if the idea is as great as it needs to be then you don't need to purchase any extra baggage, travel light with only a few changes to get you through, evening wear, day wear and casual wear, keep it minimal and don't bother with extra legroom just do more yoga.
  4. Don't let yourself be planned, look into your travel as far in advance as you can, that's not just getting there but also the where to eat, the where to drink, the where to take your client on a fun trip for an afternoon if you have to help them 'adapt their thinking'. It may seem like a hassle but knowing some of the spots around them will give them insight into you, they will see this as part of the way you will always work, research the best and beat their test.

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