4 Tips to Make Your Home Senior-Friendly


Posted on: 11 June 2019 by Tracey Clayton

Do you have an older person in your home or are you about to?

If you do, it is a good idea to do things in order to make your home more senior-friendly. There are some changes to think about. Maybe not every corner of the room should be adjusted, but there should be at least some conveniences that you should consider. Let’s read about some suggestions and make your place safer, more accessible, and comfortable for your eldest loved ones.

Make them feel independent in the kitchen and bathroom

Help your seniors be independent and feel safe even when you are not around. There are ways to make a senior-friendly kitchen and bathroom that are affordable, and you do not even need to do much. You can focus on storage, making it more approachable to them. For example, reassess the placement of items. Put the things they use more often in lower cabinets. Also, drawer handles should be easier to use, and the kitchen faucet more accessible as well. These are the things that can be applied to both the kitchen and the bathroom. When it comes to the bathroom only, you can try adding grab bars near the toilet and bath. Lastly, contrasting colors can be used so that they can see well. Label the things they use, to help them find all they need.

Take a look at some ideas about an outdoor spa pool

Investing in an outdoor spa pool for your seniors is a fun and useful idea! If you look online, you will find a bunch of awesome pictures that will inspire you! It can all look quite natural and you can reuse wooden pallets to make an awesome spa. This is just one of the suggestions in the sea of many options that you have. There are ideas for both small and bigger backyards. Swimming and sauna will be very beneficial for your eldest loved ones in the house. Just because they are at a certain age, it does not mean they should stop being active, and with swimming, their whole body participates in this amusing activity.

The pathways should be kept smooth and clear

Cracks and uneven surfaces can be a real hell for seniors, because there is a big risk of falling. Taking their age into consideration, it is much more serious and dangerous if this happens to them, because they have weaker bones and they can easily break something. This is what makes the pathways quite hazardous. Also, when it rains, these pathways become wet, and snowy or icy during the winter. Be sure to remove snow whenever you can. Also, repave the walkways so that they are safer.

Staircases should also be safe

Stairs can be dangerous not just for elders, but also for children. Actually, all individuals are at risk of falling if they slip or maybe lose balance unpredictably. They can be especially scary for those with osteoporosis, arthritis or balance concerns. They are also a big problem during nights, when we cannot see clearly like during the day. What you can do is add some lights and they should be extra bright. Another thing that would be quite helpful is a handrail.

If we want a person of age who we care about to live with us, we should do everything in our power to make the house as safe and comfortable as possible. Pay attention to how accessible the spaces and things they need are to them, and be sure to help them reach everything easily. You will not always be there for them, so the house should be remodeled in such a way that they can manage to do anything they want even without your help.


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