4 Must-Have Items For Your Motorist Mancave


Posted on: 18 February 2020 by Amy Smith Brown

Picture the scene… You’ve parked up your car on a Friday evening and are ready to wind down for the weekend.

But with no friends available for beers at the local bar and your wife on the warpath because of some minor misdemeanour, you wish there was a domestic sanctuary near enough your house to stay in her good books, but private enough for you to seek solace and sanctuary in solitude.

You open the creaky door of your shed – only to find that it’s so packed with unused garden furniture and knickknacks that you have to crawl underneath an upturned table and curl up into a ball.

The inspiration strikes so swiftly that your spine straightens and you bang your head on the tabletop. You know what to do – turn this misery hole into the ultimate man cave!

Now you’ve got a broad plan, you need to make a start, so purchase these four must-have items and you’ll be well on your way to reclaiming some semblance of an independent life.

  1. Good pc system

In days of yore, a stereo, speakers, TV and DVD would have been mandatory for a mancave. No more – add a reliable internet connection and a sturdy PC like this Dell Precision 720 does a pretty good job of replacing all of the aforementioned items.

Whether you’re designing your latest car customisation or chilling out with Spotify tunes, this dream machine is a man cave essential.

  1. Classic Top Gear

Do you miss the days when you tuned into the shenanigans of Messrs Clarkson, Hammond and May as they trekked around the world in all manner of wild and wonderful vehicles, wreaking havoc wherever they passed?

Then tune into all 17 seasons of classic Top Gear on Netflix – it’s perfect Mancave viewing.

  1. Ferrari chair

Can’t quite afford a supercar, but want that feeling of being behind the wheel of all that pulsating metallic power?

Invest in a cockpit chair from Poltrona Frau and Ferrari and you’ll feel like you’re behind the wheel of one of the world’s speediest vehicles rather than sitting in a shed at the bottom of your garden.

Meanwhile, for a rare treat, you could hop into a fireproof helmet and Formula One suit for an immersive experience when you’re watching the latest live Grand Prix. Just be sure no one is surreptitiously filming you from through the windows – the denizens of social media simply don’t understand ‘man time’.

  1. Welcome (or warning) mat

Last but not least, a tough, personalised Kleen-Tex floor mat serves several purposes simultaneously – it adds to the general homely ambience, protects your dwelling from dirt and detritus and sets a psychological scene for anyone visiting.

As for the message? Adorn it with a cheery ‘Welcome To My Mancave’, or draw a brave boundary by boldly declaring ‘No Girls Allowed!’.

Ether way, a fan floor mat is the civilised touch that makes your mancave feel palatial or, at least, presidential.

So ends our list, but please share your own man cave must-buys in the comments section!


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