3 Reasons Why IB World School Teachers Are the Best


Posted on: 24 January 2019 by Sujain Thomas

If you are planning to enroll your child to an International Baccalaureate school, there are many reasons to do so.

If you are planning to enroll your child to an International Baccalaureate school, there are many reasons to do so. When it comes to these educational institutions, they are quite different from traditional schools in the country. Yes, they are different from other public and private global schools as well as from local public and private ones. We are not saying that other schools near you are not good, but IB schools come with some unique features and dynamic teaching staff to impart the best education possible. According to an article published on https://www.huffingtonpost.com, the global schools play a pivotal role in making the lives of students better so that they can compete in this age of competition. Whether it is the curriculum or the role every teacher plays, here are iswhy the teaching staff deserves a round of applause:

1. Building Global Citizens

These schools have qualified and experienced teachers who focus on building global citizens out of the students. Your child not only learns about India but also about the world. It is evident from the PYP transdisciplinary topics included in the curriculum such as, ‘How do we make ourselves organized’, ‘How the world works’, and ‘Sharing our planet.’ The teachers at an IB school get an opportunity to teach global contexts through the Middle Years Program (MYP), thus reinforcing the importance of the students, and them embracing an indisputable, universal way of perceiving things. The six global contexts taught in an IB world school in Pune are scientific and technical innovation, space and time, globalization and sustainability, and fairness and development. The approach IB teachers in imparting education are unique and different from conventional schools.

2. Education beyond the Curriculum

The teachers at IB schools walk the extra mile to ensure that the students learn something beyond the basic textbooks. According to the teaching staff, the study materials and subjects taught are not enough for the overall development of the pupils. When it comes to the Primary Year Program (PYP), interesting transdisciplinary themes are included in the curriculum. These are ‘How we should express ourselves’, ‘Where we exist in place and time’, and ‘Who we are’. Consequently, kids from the age of three develop a real sense of caring, loving, and curiosity. They learn to see things practically.

3.  Qualified and Trained Teachers

The IB schools ensure that all teachers go through transformative development programs at the professional level. The goal of introducing such programs is allowing teachers who are continuously learning new skills and get an opportunity to help the students hone their knowledge and skill sets. When it comes to PD programs, teachers participate in online workshops, face-to-face workshops, as well as blended learning. Therefore, your child gets the best of education at these IB schools, where teachers care for their overall academic and personal development of your kid. Your child develops outstanding communication skills and participates in group discussions and debate.


Let your child get the best education at IB schools. The teachers are the best professionals in the industry for your kid’s overall development. 

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