3 jobs great for going back into work after retirement


Posted on: 16 December 2015 by Tom Nelson

An article about jobs you could do after retiring, a phenomena that is happening more and more these days.

Something that is happening more and more these days is that people are going back into work after retiring. While this phenomena may be completely alien to some people, who see retirement as a time to finally kick back, many people are moving back into work when they have retired. There are a number of reasons for this growing phenomena such as: needing more money in retirement, finding life retired as mundane and generally missing the friendship and companionship work brings with co-workers. However if you are thinking of coming out of retirement what are the best jobs to go into? Below is three of the best suited for people coming out of retirement:


  1. Carers

As can be attested to by BlueRock Healthcare there is always demand for carers within the UK. Bluerock recruit carers right across the UK and always have vacancies for people with healthcare experience. This option will be highly rewarding for people who have retired but feel their lives are not interesting enough now they have given up the 9-5. Whether you would be working with the elderly, disabled or children you would always know that your work held great meaning to people’s lives. Equally this is a role that experience is massively valued due to the huge demand for people with experience. Hence becoming a carer could be the perfect job for when you retire.


  1. Consultancy

Many people who continue to work after retirement will find that their current employers will happily keep them even if this means in a consultancy capacity. It can be the perfect solution as going into consultancy brings a level of uncertainty that many people can’t cope with, when their livelihood depends on it. However often in retirement you will not need steady income due to already being ready to sustain yourself in retirement. Equally the fact you have so much experience will likely mean you are in high supply. You can see more about how to transition to consultancy here .


  1. Retail positions

Retail positions could be the perfect choice if you have just retired. One big reason for this is that retail jobs often want you to have a flexible schedule which most retirees will have. Equally you will be interacting with people all day through the job, something many people miss when they retire. Equally retailers are always looking for people with experience to join their teams. One look at indeed will let you know that there are always opportunities in the retail section and therefore will make it the perfect job for anyone who has freshly retired.


While all of the above may not be to your taste there is certainly plenty of other ways that you could spend your time when you have retired. Many people retrain and university or go and set up a new business. Whatever your passion and ideas it can flourish in retirement. So go out and get your dream job as it never too late! 


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