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Posted by Gareth Hargreaves

Four Horsemen is an award winning independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on corporate greed and what we need to do to establish a moral and just society.

Are you feeling wealthier? Are you feeling more financially secure? Do you believe that the pound in your pocket buys you as much as it did before the economic crash of 2008?

This week we were informed that the UK is the fastest growing economy in Europe with a GDP increase of 0.8per cent and ONS reporting unemployment falling to 1.1million. The property bubble around London shows no sign of bursting and the financial sector is operating as if the past six years of economic pain did not happen.

However, for UK consumers it certainly did and the impact of how deeply that pain was felt is evidenced in poor retail sales. Recession is nothing new, the UK has endured them before and probably will again. It is the nature of the last economic crash that has worried so many - it was not a localised dip, it was a global financial crisis and its efects continue to be felt.

The Four Horsemen is the debut feature from director Ross Ashcroft which reveals the fundamental flaws in the economic system which have brought our whole system of living to the brink of disaster.

In this film leading thinkers –frustrated at the failure of their respective disciplines – break their silence to explain how the world really works.

The film pulls no punches in describing the consequences of continued inaction – but its message is one of hope. If more people can equip themselves with a better understanding of how the world really works, then the systems and structures that condemn billions to poverty or chronic insecurity can at last be overturned. Solutions to the multiple crises facing humanity have never been more urgent, but equally, the conditions for change have never been more favourable.

You can learn more about the film at If you have something to say about the film please use the comment box below.

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