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Welcome to olderiswiser.com, the website where you can read opinionated editorial, voice your own views and open up a whole new world of online and real world friendship.

A site where you can meet friends, share news and views and get relevant and helpful advice on how to deal with the challenges you face in life.

We'll address some serious issues surrounding your health, your wealth and your family. But we want you to have fun as well.

Share photographs with your old friends, learn all about your new friends. Take part in our competitions and enjoy our special offers.

This is olderiswiser.com, the social networking site for grown ups.


Our philosophy

The sheer size of the older market now means that it cannot be treated as one group with shared interests. And a 55 year old is as far removed from a 90 year old as they are from a 20 year old – so age is no longer a common denominator.

Gender, location, race, employment status, marital status, health and hobbies all divide and sub-divide this huge group of consumers.

But apart from what divides them, there are also key attributes which unite them – regardless of their personal preferences. Mature consumers are savvy, well-informed and very often opinionated.

We created Olderiswiser.com to reflect that and to give you the opportunity to engage with us.

We want to become your trusted friend as you negotiate later life. We want to be synonymous with relevant and engaging information. We want to become the website you automatically turn to when you need answers to life’s questions and when you need to reach important decisions.

Most of all, we want you to feel you belong to something which offers you empathy and understanding as you grow older and wiser.


Our management team


Tony PageManaging director – Tony Page has spent his entire career in publishing, media, marketing, health and age related business sectors.

For the past 25 years he has concentrated on the 50+ market. For 16 of those years, he worked with Age Concern England, responsible for developing its social enterprise company, Age Concern Enterprises, to a peak of £300 million in sales and profits for the charity of £22.5 million.


Operations team

Gareth Hargreaves

Director of content – Gareth Hargreaves is an experienced journalist who spent 10 years in consumer/customer magazine publishing for the likes of IPC, Emap (Bauer), BBC Worldwide, VNU, Conde Nast and Redwood before moving into digital.

He has spent the past decade working in the online space in areas associated with life over 50, at Age Concern and more recently as editor of Yours.co.uk at Bauer Media.

In 2009 Gareth joined our team and has overseen the functional enhancement and development of Olderiswiser and 50connect.

Contact gareth@olderiswiser.com

Tel: 020 7034 1906

Michael Hawes

Campaigns manager - Michael Hawes - The last one left from the original 50connect team originally based in Windsor at the turn of the millennium. Before entering the world of online media, Michael worked in the communications industry, starting his working career as an electronics engineer and rising through the ranks to head up the engineering department of Sinclair Communications. Following on from that success he started his own business in telecoms.

Michael has vast experience in the online industry and the 50connect business specifically. He joined 50connect as a start up and has seen the business and site grow from a tiny acorn to its current position as the leading site for the 45+ user. 

Michael heads up the operations side of the business and specialises in Ad serving, RTB, Rich Media and the ever changing online world that we exist in.

Contact michael@olderiswiser.com

Tel: 020 7034 1900


Richard Lam

Competitions & offers manager - Richard Lam is truly a bargain hunter and the ideal person to head our Free Prizes Competitions and Offers. He searches out the opportunities for our eager readers and competition fans and will do the very best he can to with any competition prize promotion. With a background in marketing and human resources management; Richard's ethos is “Outright Every Talent and Maximize Every Resource”.

Contact richard@olderiswiser.com

Tel: 020 7034 1900




George KosaProjects manager – George Kosa joined the company in 2013 as a Project Manager and he is looking after improvement projects within the company.

He spent six years in supply chain, working for small companies and organisations.

Publishing is a new area where all his previous experience can provide benefit for Olderiswiser Media Ltd to maximize the revenue and source new business partners.

Contact george@olderiswiser.com

Tel: 020 7034 1909





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