Should cannabis be legalised in the UK?

Posted by Gareth Hargreaves

Peter Reynolds Chairman of CLEAR and Daily Mail columnist Peter Hitchens debate whether cannabis should be legalised or remain a prohibited substance.

The argument for the legalisation of the Class B drug has been rumbling on for the best part of four decades and its continued prohibition, if you accept the view of reformists, seems to be based solely on moral and political grounds.

However, the cannabis experience of many of the baby boomer generations is far removed from the modified varieties of Skunk, favoured for their higher concentration of active substances, which legalisation would make widely available. Another popular argument is that decriminalising cannabis would bring in an estimated £6billion per year to the treasury according to Cannabis Reform Law (CLEAR).

In this debate between CLEAR chairman Peter Reynolds and Daily Mail columnist Peter Hitchens the position for against is explored at University of Salford, Manchester.

Watch the debate and make up your own mind. We've included below a poll through which you can register your opinion

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Cannabis - Right or wrong?

Conflicting arguments claim cannabis can be a force for good with medicinal value or a cancer on society destroying lives and linked to psychosis.

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