'Not a fit person' to run major company! Murdoch conclusions

Posted by Anthony Page

Culture Media and Sport Select Committee finds 'Astonishing lack of curiosity' and 'wilful blindness' among NewsCorp senior management.

Murdoch phone hacking reportRupert Murdoch's involvement in News Corp (and all the media it controls in the UK) has been cast into doubt after he was ruled 'Not a fit person to run a mjor company' in a Parliamentary report

The Parliamentary Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee set up to review the statements provided by the 'dirty digger' earlier this year has concluded that he is ‘not a fit person to exercise stewardship of an international company’! We’ll its taken forty years to get round to it but at last we are moving in the right direction. 

Watching Murdoch at the Leveson Inquiry you would think that butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth ’Poor old man being put through all this!’ (Ed:That, by the way, was his wife speaking!) He gave a performance of a lifetime – caring, understanding, contrite, appeasing, and apologetic – we had it all!  It was a portrayal that Sir Laurence Olivier would have been proud of. Despite all his protestations Murdoch’s News Corp in the UK and possibly the US, has been shown to be corrupt and ruthless on a scale not seen since the early years of the last century. He’s trodden on; exploited, usurped and bullied his was to media dominance and brought the family in to help. 

He alone created and allowed (encouraged) the culture of corruption and exploitation that was the hallmark of News Corp – it could not have happened without his approval – active or passive! The world media will be a better place without him and cronies. The Board of News Corp can now think about starting the process to remove him and his influence and put a new team in to run an ethical company.

The one good thing about all this and the phone hacking scandal is that politicians of all ilks  will be very wary about ‘snuggling up’ to media owners for years to come. We may even end up with unbiased reporting or is this too much to expect? 

There are many MP – and ministers who will breathe a sigh of relief when this is over and the dust has finally settled – you can be sure there are many more skeletons in the cupboards, which we are unlikely to hear about!

This report beckons the end of Murdoch’s  dominance in the UK of key and crucial media interests – it should have happened sooner – much sooner!

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Phone Hacking scandal catching up with Murdoch

The cross-party Parliamentary report into phone hacking and other wrongdoing at Rupert Murdoch's News International and NewsCorp was a damning attack on the media mogul's involvement and tacit approval for the practices that have led to arrests and criminal convictions. How can he remain as head of two dominant UK media companies?

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