New Planning Rules - rape, rape cried the chorus!

Posted by Anthony Page

The Tories really need a shake up and get their act together! Are they totally ignorant of the needs, thoughts and opinions of the people who keep them in power!

New planning lawsLast week we had The Budget went  badly wrongly and was panned  by the way  additional allowances for pensioners were frozen even though pensioners who have retired suffer no loss.  On top of this Cameron and Osborne were pilloried when they reduced the top rate of tax from 50p to 45p – more pandering to the millionaires went the chorus!

Then over the weekend we were bombarded by the Cruddas Affair (as it will become known) with donations to the Tory coffers in return for influence. Monday came with a saving grace with Cameron announcing a doubling of the research budget into dementia. He should have stopped there and let the dust settle.

Unfortunately, the totally uncoordinated Conservative Party then announced the expected changes to Planning Law, which is to streamline planning and development. So no sooner had the headlines been clarioned by the news channels, we had all kinds of pundits telling us that the countryside was going to be raped and pillaged and it’s all so rich property developers can make even more money to give to the Tories.

Is this true? Of course not! Our planning laws are arcane and are administered by local councils’ planning departments as power fiefdoms, where the officials are happier to say no than yes. It’s time this was sorted out and we joined the real world. In China it takes a year to plan and build a new city. In the UK, well think about it, it took us something like 40 years to plan and build the Thames Barrier. If we are to compete with aggressive eastern and south American economies, we have to pull our finger out and clear the bureaucracy that has plagued our country since the war. All said and done, Club Cameron could have held back the announcement a couple of weeks. He should know by now that it's when and how you say things that matters, not necessarily  what you say.

A bit more media planning on your part Mr Cameron and you might get back with a majority next time. But if you keep going as you are, you’ll sit in opposition watch a Miliband-Clegg Coalition for five years. Wake up and smell the roses – you’re blundering at the moment.


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