Leaving EU would be best for UK and Europe?

Posted by Gareth Hargreaves

Nik Gowing presents an Intelligence Squared debate on Britain's relationship with the EU at Cadogan Hall, London.


David Cameron has promised an 'In/Out' referendum on Britain's continued involvement with the European Union - should the Conservatives win the next general election. In this recent IQsquared debate from London's Cadogan Hall, Daniel Hannan, Conservative member of the European parliament, and UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, argue in favour of severing ties with the EU. While Katinka Barysch, deputy director of the Centre for European Reform and Leon Brittan, former vice president of the European Commission, state the case for staying in the single market.

The issue of Europe

"It seemed to me utterly stupid that we should peg sterling against the Deutschmark given that we had completely different economies and I didn't believe it would work. But I have to tell you, my view since I've been there has changed. I don't just want the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, I want Europe to leave the European Union," claims Nigel Farage.

Watch the video and make up your own mind. What do think of our relationship with the EU? 

Are you for staying or getting out? Have your say below and add your vote to our poll.

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UK's European Referendum conundrum

The EU has enhanced trade between its members – to Britain’s benefit as much as the others – and has provided Europe with a real voice in the world. It is far from perfect but would we really benefit from exiting the European Union?

  1. 56% No
  2. 25% Yes
  3. 18% Don't know
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