Gordon Brown delivers rousing counter to YES vote momentum

Posted by Gareth Hargreaves

24 hours that will determine the future of Scotland. Gordon Brown makes an impassioned plea to avert the prospect of cutting ties with the UK.

The former prime minister, Gordon Brown, yesterday asked Scots to consider the full implications of Scottish Independence and question why, on the eve of a vote that could have a cataclysmic impact on the economic welfare of future generations of Scots, so many issues critical to the funding and infrastructure of the fledgling nation remain unanswered and without detailed contingency plans.

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Are you for or against full Scottish Independence

It is decision day in Scotland. Voters head to the polls with what SNP leader Alec Salmond describes as the "opportunity of a lifetime", within 24 hours we will know whether Scotland will remain within the Union or has broken away. So what do the 96% of British citizens who are not Scots want the outcome to be?

  1. 57% NO. Scotland should remain in the Union
  2. 42% YES. Scotland should leave and be independent
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