Barack Obama - impeccable politics shame the Conservative Party fundraisers

Posted by Anthony Page

How Cameron and Osborne's minions could learn a thing or two about party donations from Barack Obama.

Barack ObamaWhen Barack Obama came to public notice five years ago, I have to admit that he totally entranced me as a new style of politician compared to former President, George W Bush ( well, let’s be honest, that wouldn’t have been that difficult!).

This was a man that, I felt, could set a new paradigm for world politics. I was so impressed, I sent $400 for his Presidential campaign.

From that day forth, I have received dozens of emails and newsletters and videos explaining his administration's focus:

  • What the other side are saying and doing;
  • What legislation is going through the House of Representatives or the Senate that needs voters pressure
  • And even down to getting a Christmas card video from the Obama family.

Brilliant communication  and at the end of each message there’s a nice request for $3 to $5 to support the fighting fund. They must have collected millions upon millions of dollars over the past five years.

When it comes to fundraising the Yanks have got it taped. Maybe Cameron and Co could learn a thing or two from this. Oh, and by the way they sent back my $400 – they are not allowed to accept foreign donations –ooops!


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