Afghanistan - It has got to stop!

Posted by Anthony Page

How many more young soldiers have got to die before we stop this silly war in Afghanistan?

AfghanistanSix more young men - four of them in their very early 20s and one only 19 years-old died yesterday! I don’t know about you but I have an 18-year-old grandson and another pushing 16, and I would despair to see them in uniform fighting such a totally pointless war. No bloody way can I support such a conflict – and certainly not for a government ridden with corruption and factionalism such as President Hamid Karzai's.

Nor would I be comfortable with them fighting for the stupid Western governments that still insist on pumping millions upon millions of dollars in the hope of imposing a brand of Western-style democracy, which the Afghans don't want. And all the while, the death toll of young British men and women rolls on.

Now our leaders (for it is their war) tell us that this is to protect our borders from terrorists. Yet, they can’t tell us the details for the sake of ‘national security (please read American national security!). Isn’t this one of the reasons we went into Iraq (plus, of course, the weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist!), killing hundreds of thousands of civilians on the journey. Later, it was quietly let out that there were no weapons of mass destruction, while the transition from autocracy to democracy is an enduring and bloody disaster! Our good intentions are no consolation to the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, wives and husbands left devastated by their loss.

Wherever we look, or listen on the media, we hear the great and good telling us it is necessary for us to be there and we are making progress, and ‘soon’ the Afghans will be able to look after themselves.

What utter rubbish, the moment the last Western soldier leaves, the Taliban will flood back over the country and Karzai's administration like the waters of a burst dam. The sacrifice of 400 British lives and maiming of countless others has had no effect at all on this country, or world peace, and the sooner we get out the better.

In my mind, we ought to strengthen our borders, increase the numbers of police protecting our country from the inside and not dispatch troops to distant conflicts that cannot be justified.

We seem to have forgotten that most of the countries we are trying to reconstruct and still are our enemies and will always be just that as long as there is so much religious bigotry emanating from the mullahs!

Let’s look after our own, prevent others from coming into our country and tread on the wrongdoers within our society.

Let’s stop the politicians and generals playing war with our young men and women and spending our taxes.

It is time for the public to rise up, protest and make sure we are heard. Remember, Cameron and company are there because we put them there. Maybe they should understand that they cannot ignore us.

This war in Afghanistan has got to stop. Anyone up for a protest march? I’ve never been an activist, but I’m not prepared to sit by and do nothing on this. Let’s get some sanity back in the minds of our leaders – and if not, kick them out. Playing soldiers is great fun from behind a desk in Whitehall – bit different for the 19 year old in a dugout in Helmand! Anyone up for it?

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