Least convincing cry for help ever

Posted by Alexander Hay

Such tragedy! Such pathos! Such horror! This poor afflicted soul must surely go to bed each night, smiling...

Ever suspicious, I can't help but feel there's some covert bragging here - 'oh, I've got two women on the go, one of whom is almost young enough to be my daughter... What's a man to do?' Stop feeling so smug?

When I was 60, my second marriage failed. Shortly after, I formed a strong relationship with two splendid women, A and B (respectively 48 and 70). I have lived with A for the past five years, visiting B as often as possible in her home, 140 miles away. I tell A these are golfing weekends, and indeed B and I often play together.

A's family and friends consider us a long-term couple, united by shared artistic and socio-political interests. B's family and friends see me as the occasional golfing boyfriend. B is lively and informed but intellectually limited. The sexual relationship with A has cooled, but is potentially very good. Sex with B is very intense and distracts from the relationship with A. Both A and B say they are very much in love and could not live without me. A is unaware. B wants me to decide. Any useful comments?

Down boy.

[SOURCE: The Guardian]

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Alexander Hay

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