Japan Earthquake - news round-up

Posted by Alexander Hay

As a huge earthquake hits Japan, the media reacts

A refinery burns in the wake of the Sendai EarthquakeThe BBC has some horrendous footage as a tsunami destroys bridges, villages and towns, dragging boats in along with it. Plus, video from within an NHK bureau office as the quake itself struck.

The Daily Mail details where in Japan has been most effected by the quake - the city of Sendai, which has over a million inhabitants - while reporting that the earthquake's effects were felt as far away as mainland China.

The Guardian is live-blogging the event, with reports that the earthquake had an 8.9 magnitude, with a rising death toll and, more ominously, reports of a major fire at a Chiba oil refinery and coolant mechanism failure at a Fukushima nuclear plant.

Meanwhile, The Telegraph reports that the quake was 1000 times more powerful than that which befell Christchurch, New Zealand, two weeks ago. There are now also fears that the Tsunami may hit coastal areas in the Pacific, and the US west coast, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Elsewhere, The Independent says that some of the waves generated by the tsunami are higher than some pacific islands' coastlines, as the Red Cross/Crescent sounds the alert, along with the authorities in Honolulu, Russia and Canada.

Moving onto the Japanese media, The Mainichi Daily News notes the 'horrific proportions' of the quake, even by the standards of an earthquake-prone country. In Tokyo, commuters have been forced to walk along tracks to get to their stations as over 4 million homes in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area are presently without power.

The Yomiyuri Shimbun has a detailed map of seismic activity during the quake, with much of the Japanese western seaboard affected, alongside Akita on the east coast.

And finally, NHK World reports that the Japanese Meterological Agency is advising people to move to higher ground as further seismic activity, and so tsunamis, are expected.

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