Can you imagine Princess Diana in 2011?

Posted by Diane Priestley

If she had lived to see 50, what would Princess Diana be like today?

Diana, Princess of Wales

Princess Diana would have turned 50 today had she lived instead of being killed at the age of 36 in a dramatic high speed car crash in Paris almost 14 years ago on August 31, 1997.

Britain’s famously glamorous woman would have joined the ranks of the over 50s and showed us all how to age in style.

Many media commentators have enjoyed writing about what the tragic princess would have been like. Tina Brown, author of The Diana Chronicles, speculated on how her life would have turned out in yesterday’s Daily Mail.

Brown knew Diana as a close friend and claims she would have been sustained throughout her 40s by her love for her sons and her humanitarian causes.

Shortly before her death, Diana was planning to use her star power to host TV films about the victims of land mines, leprosy and HIV/AIDS.

It would have been exciting for adoring fans to see Diana use her charisma to highlight worthy causes on television documentaries. Without doubt, she would have made a captivating screen presenter.

Her Princess Diana Foundation would be fuelled by donations from admirers among the super wealthy.

Brown also claims Diana would have been first on the scene of the disasters of the past decade, in a hard hat, with a camera crew, showering grief-stricken families of victims with compassion and fundraising support.

She speculates that Diana’s romantic taste would have moved from boys of play to men of power and suggests she would have remarried - twice!

Ms Brown writes that fashion-wise, Diana would have gone the Michelle Obama route, combining casual with glam and kept her chin taut with strategic Botox shots and her bare arms buff from the gym! And her svelte figure? Would she have kept trim in a healthy way or gained extra pounds like the rest of us?

And how would Diana have handled the role of mother-in-law and William's affection for his girlfriend Kate who has just become his new bride? Better than Carolyn Bourne one hopes. 

Diana would have been forced to adjust to the spotlight broadening to take in the attractive new young Royal. Perhaps she would have defended the middle-class Middletons against Palace snobs and strategically become Kate’s mum, Carole's new best friend!

In summing up, Brown suggests the Princess of Hearts would have embraced the possibilities of social  media with a whopping 10 million followers on Twitter and 107,623 friends on Facebook, including Prince Charles and Camilla! Now, she's really pushing the realms of possibility!


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