Why You Should Always Carry a Personal Flashlight


Posted on: 31 March 2017 by Yasmine Carr

You never know when you're going to be in the dark and needing illumination or defense. Discover why you should always carry a flashlight here!

Are you nervous about your safety at night?

If not, you might want to think again. Advocacy groups estimate that a person is assaulted every 98 seconds. Staying safe is essential, and a personal flashlight can help.

Even when your safety is secure, having a personal flashlight can make a big difference. Being able to see how to unlock your door in the dark, lighting your path while camping, and dozens of other situations benefit from having a light available.

You Won’t Get Stuck in the Dark

If your tire goes flat when it’s dark out, can you change a tire – without a light? It’s unlikely. A personal flashlight can save the day.

It can also help you if you drop something at night, need to find your way to your tent after the camping fire has died down, and much more.

You don’t need a large flashlight. A basic tactical flashlight such as those offered by Fenix is perfect.

A Light Identifies Threats

You can be surprised by a variety of things at night, from assailants to wild animals. Having a personal flashlight available can help you identify and even frighten off the source of concern.

If someone approaches you, you can use your flashlight to temporarily blind them while you identify who they are and if they are dangerous. Many animals can be frightened by lights as well, and even if they aren’t, knowing what has approached you can help you know how to respond.

A Flashlight Provides Self Defense

A tactical flashlight can provide self-defense as well as light your way. Not only can you blind an attacker with a flashlight beam as mentioned earlier, but you can also hit someone with it as well.

Swinging a flashlight toward vulnerable areas such as the head, face, groin, and knuckles can cause enough pain and disorientation to allow you to get away.

Being Prepared During Power Outages

Power outages happen on a regular basis, and sometimes power can be out for days. Having a flashlight can help you find your way through your home to get out battery powered lanterns or other light sources.

If you don’t have a light with you, you’ll be fumbling around in the dark trying to remember where you put your emergency lights and hoping the batteries in them still work. Don’t put yourself through that hassle. Carry a flashlight instead!

Emergency Situations

There are always stories about people whose boat motor stopped working and they were swept far from shore, or others whose car broke down in the middle of a wilderness area. We assume those things wouldn’t happen to us.

They do.

When you have a flashlight, you’ll be able to signal for help and have a far better chance of finding your way out of an emergency situation. Without light, you can’t see to get help, make a shelter, or build a fire.

Flashlights are handy in everyday situations and can become essential when you are in danger or face an emergency. Your cell phone battery will die far faster than a flashlight. Have one with you at all times, and you’ll never have to worry how you’ll see if it’s dark.

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