Parkinson's spoon cancels tremor by 70 percent

Posted by Gareth Hargreaves

New product launch aims to improve eating experience for Parkinson's sufferers.

An ingenious battery-powered spoon that counters the different types of tremors experienced by sufferers of Parkinson's disease has been launched in America by LiftLabs.

The spoon uses "active tremor cancellation technology" to reduce tremor interference by as much as 70 precent. The test results are remarkable and will be welcomed by the thousands of people for whom tremor is a constant frustration. 

Meal times can be particularly trying for Parkinson's sufferers and though the severity of tremor varies from person to person, it often makes those affected self-concious or anxious in social situations. The Liftware spoon counters the tremor rather than suppress it and since the hand isn't forced to be still, the technology needed to respond quickly to a person’s tremor - and also tell the difference between intentional motion (such as moving the spoon to your mouth) and unintentional tremor. Sensors embedded in the spoon detect motion, and a microcontroller uses sensor data to determine the best response. The microcontroller continuously directs motors in the handle of the device to move the spoon and cancel tremor both horizontally and vertically. With Essential and Parkinsonian Tremor occuring between 4 and 7 cycles per second, The control system is optimized to only cancel motion in that range. As a result, food is kept steady in the bowl of the spoon through active tremor cancellation technology.

LiftLabs is a group of scientists and engineers working to develop new technologies for people with Essential Tremor and Parkinson's Disease. Having experienced the discomfort of friends and family suffering from Parkinson's, they were motivated to explore ways in which they could improve overall quality of life and independence.

Berta Interview from Lift Labs on Vimeo.

This video is about Berta's experience with Liftware.


Click here for more information about Liftlabs

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