Money really is bad for you

Posted by: Alexander Hay, 11 August 2011


Alexander Hay posted 11 August 2011

Or at the very least, toxic:

...Well it turns out that high concentrations of BPA are also found in the thermal paper used to print receipts at cash registers. Dr. Kurunthachalam Kannan and his colleagues at the State University of New York have shown that when such a receipt goes into your wallet, the BPA is quickly transferred to any bills you may be carrying. But this kind of thermal paper is used pretty much anywhere cash is exchanged for goods, so just how far and wide has the BPA contamination spread?

Well, the bad news is that BPA is pretty much on everyone's money everywhere. In their study, the researchers examined paper currencies from 21 countries around the world and found traces of BPA on every single one. The authors estimate that the amount of BPA they found would translate to an average daily exposure through paper currencies of a few nanograms per day.

The good news is that the authors say this amount is "10-fold lower than those reported from exposure due to indoor dust ingestion in the United States."

Which means that the (real) bad news is that we're ingesting BPA-laced dust, and are exposed to BPA all the time, even from many other sources that the authors admit are not very well characterized.

In other words, even though the BPA on your money doesn't amount to much on its own, the fact remains that it's really just adding to your daily BPA exposure...

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